Why the Popularity of Online Gaming Has Soared

We all have different ways of relaxing – whether it’s heading to the gym, practicing yoga or just getting lost in a good book. But recently, the shift has moved away from curling up with a good book to unwinding on your favourite online game. In fact, some experts think that engaging in online gaming every day can promote a healthy brain and improve eyesight.

And it’s not just the scientists that have noticed a change. In 2017, the global PC online gaming market was worth a staggering 38.4 billion US dollars, a huge 82% increase from 2011. So, why exactly has the popularity of online gaming soared in recent years?

A wide choice of games

One of the main attractions of online gaming is the extensive choice users has. From sports simulations and action games to word puzzles like scrabble words in which you have to find words with letters, players are truly spoilt for the choice to play by the rules of the game or create your own. The same is true for how those games are played, with games consoles, PCs, and smartphones all providing a way to play.

So, when it comes to choosing your slot game or deciding on your favourite puzzle, the possibilities are endless. On top of that, there are various games to improve different aspects of your life. You may choose an online game to boost your hand-eye coordination, for instance, or a puzzle to keep your brain sharp.

Better accessibility

Originally, if you wanted to play a game with friends, or even strangers, you would have to pre-plan an event or travel to get there. Once casinos were established, this made things a little easier as gaming was available more frequently. However, it wasn’t until online gaming came about that people had true freedom to play whatever they want, whenever they want.

As long as a user has access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, they can engage in online gaming. For some games, you may not even need an internet connection as they can be pre-downloaded onto your device to be played at any time. The majority of game developers are now focused on making their games mobile friendly, to increase usability and accessibility.

Becoming more affordable

When it comes to online gaming, everyone, no matter your gender, social status or age, is on a level playing field. Many top gaming sites offer a vast number of games that are totally free of charge, allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity to play.

Some of the best gaming sites and companies even offer players the chance to win a substantial amount of money for very little. You may, for instance, pay 10p to play a slot game, with the chance of winning hundreds. Naturally, this appeals to the mass market as they are enticed by the opportunity of a big win.

The advent of sociable gaming

One of the main reasons for the rise in gaming’s popularity is down to social change. Gaming has become a great way for young people to interact with one another. By working together in a game, encouraging friendly competition and enjoying an escape from reality, users can gain invaluable skills and relaxation through gaming.

Online gaming also opens up the possibility to interact with strangers from around the world. While that may sound scary, it can actually be a positive, personality-building experience. Whether you’re enjoying a friendly match with a new friend or competing against an opponent with a lot of skill, you can learn interaction skills and boost your gaming ability through the variety of opponents.

Maybe it’s time more people got on-board the gaming bandwagon?

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