The top 25 travel bloggers to follow in 2019

Travel is exciting, adventurous and inspiring.

With more than a billion blogs worldwide, knowing which ones to keep your eye on is not easy . From solo adventures to family fun, the options are endless as different blogs share their incredible experiences.

To make sure you are up-to-date with the latest around the world, here are the top 25 travel bloggers to follow in 2019.

1) #FollowMeTo

With more than 4.5 million followers, Murad and Nataly Osmann are currently the most-followed travel bloggers. The iconic image of Nataly pulling Murad towards spectacular landmarks catapulted them to fame back in 2011.

2) Everywhereist

Unapologetically outspoken, Geraldine DeRuiter is passionate about feminism. An award-winning travel writer, she claims her accolades from The Independent, Forbes and The Huffington Post are because ‘sometimes features editors get drunk’!

3) Hand Luggage Only

Starting back in 2014, Cambridge Uni friends Yaya and Lloyd bring a young and fun twist to the world of travel. Extremely active on social media and on their blog, they take the time to respond to all comments advising millennials on where to head to next.

4) On the Grid

Written by hundreds of bloggers, artists and photographers, this site gives readers a local perspective on the best places to visit. With blogs from Barcelona to Nairobi, you can explore the world as a local.

5) Diana’s Healthy Living

Starting off as a healthy living blog, Diana decided that she wanted to tick off her bucket list, too. Finding the best places to eat in each destination, she now combines her two passions exploring Africa, Europe, Asia and more.

6) The Down Lo

A city girl trapped in a wanderer’s world, Lauren ‘Lo’ Monitz is an adventure addict and bucket-list doer. Attracting hundreds of thousands to her blog, her goal is to visit all 50 US states, and 50 countries, before she turns 50.

7) My Life’s a Travel Movie

Visiting more than 85 countries, all 7 continents, the New7Wonders of the World and the 7 New Wonders of Nature, Alyssa Ramos is a full-time, self-made traveller. Handy with a GoPro, she uploads camera tips, travel styles and much more.

8) Stuck in Customs

If artistic shots are  your thing, look no further than photographer Trey Ratcliff. Trey has received glowing reviews from the likes of award-winning composer Hans Zimmer and film director JJ Abrams. To all the budding photographers, each shot comes with a detailed description of camera information.

9) Backpacker Banter

A talented videographer, blogger and traveller, Chris started off with a year in Australia living in a van. Uploading a monthly round-up of each location and breakdown of cost, Chris proves that seeing the world doesn’t need to break the bank.


Bringing you a collection of business blogs worldwide, find out the latest deals, offers and travel news. Attracting thousands of followers on social media, the site attracts plenty of comments from experienced travellers, too.

11) A Dangerous Business

Too busy for travel? Amanda Williams shows you how to fit travel and adventure into your lifestyle. With more than 90,00 followers and 150,000 visitors on her blog, she prides herself on not giving up her home life to travel long term.

12) Her Adventures with Him

With travel as their passion and culture as their motivation, Muslim couple Maliha and Askari say they are all about breaking stereotypes. Passionate about travel, when they first met they had visited 27 countries between them and are now adding to this number as husband and wife.

13) Dan Flying Solo

With more than 1,000 days on the road, Dan is all about travelling the world with his camera. With thousands of followers, he explores the world on a mission to educate himself about the planet and meet new faces.

14) Charlotte the Pilot

What’s the best way to get cheaper flights? Follow in Charlotte’s steps and fly the plane yourself! With a passion for championing women in aviation, she encourages ay aspiring pilots to get in touch with her for advice and tips.

15) Postcards by Hannah

Hannah is a London woman with a camera, proving you don’t need to get on a plane to be a successful blogger. Having always worked in the travel industry, expect beautiful photography accompanied by memorable captions.

16) Drew Binksy

After visiting 12 Unesco sites in 24 hours, Drew became a Guinness World Record holder and now has millions of social-media followers and views. A skilled videographer, he travels the globe while making daily videos.

17) Unusual Traveler

After finding that fellow backpackers generally avoid places such as North Korea, Iran and Pakistan, Chris decided to discover the beauty of unknown parts of the world. With a big online following, his content makes for a great read – and yes, he’s had a few weapons pointed in his direction…

18) Luggage and Lipstick

Targeting the generation of baby boomers, Patti Morrow proves that travelling the world is not just for millennials. Visiting more than 60 countries, she captures her incredible adventures which involve skydiving, paragliding and much more.

19) The Travelling Twins

Young twins Tania and Zoe travel the world with their parents, snapping every adventure along the way. From making friends in Thailand to playing with turtles in Oman, watch as the girls have the time of their lives.

20) The Adventurists

Making life less boring, this blog celebrates the wacky and wonderful side of travel. Documenting the adventures of a group of travel enthusiasts, follow their journey as they go rickshaw racing in the Himalayas, have ice baths in Russia and ride dirt bikes in Morocco.

21) FoXnoMad

Written by computer engineer Anil Polat, discover all you need to know about the latest travel tech. From the best international SIM cards to which chargers to take abroad, the blog focuses on helping people travel smarter.

22) 2foodtrippers

Always in search of the next best meal, married couple Daryl and Mindi are culinary influencers. Heading to the best foodie destinations in the world, thousands watch as they share the ins and outs of the tastiest local delicacies.

23) Triphackr

Never paying full price, Clint Johnston makes it his mission to share the latest deals, tricks and hacks. Visiting more than 120 countries and with thousands of followers, find out how to get the most out of travel while paying less.

24) Shut Up and Go

Reaching more than 1 million followers, friends Damon and Jo encourage millennials to see the world. Focused on making life-long memories, they reach an international audience through being multilingual.

25) Unpacked by Lonely Planet

Filled with content from a variety of travel bloggers, you’ll see behind-the-scenes stories by travel authors as well as recipes from around the world. For some trivia fun, check out the quiz section to test your world knowledge.

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