The Modern Tech Behind Motorcycle Safety

The Modern Tech Behind Motorcycle Safety

Compared to cars, motorbikes have always have always been seen as risky by the general population. Being left open and exposed while riding, this sort of transport offers far less protection than the metal structure of a car, and this leaves a lot of people ignoring bikes when they’re first hitting the road. In reality, though, bikes cause less congestion, are better for the environment, and are cheaper to run. Technology has been catching up, too, and there are a lot of tools on the market which can make riding a bike far safer.

The Materials

New materials are being invented all the time, with a lot of companies setting out goals which they want to reach with their complex chemistry. There have been a lot of success stories in the field of synthetic materials, especially when it comes to protecting people, with a large portion of the world’s military groups funding this sort of research. Kevlar, for example, is far lighter and more flexible than most metals, but it can withstand huge impacts without showing signs of stress. Motorcycle clothing has been one of the first commercial areas to feel the benefits of this research, with loads of options available which take advantage of fancy materials.

Airbags & Braces

Of course, though, a tough material is only going to go so far, and won’t be able to protect you completely without some support. Over the last couple of decades, several companies have been working on airbag systems for motorcyclists. Deploying when the system detects a collision, these products can protect riders from very serious crashes, being especially useful when they are thrown from the bike. A lot of regular motorcycle gear employs similar principles, using braces and pockets of air to keep the rider’s body in the right position, even during an accident.

Hazard Warning Systems

While there aren’t many examples of this on the market at the moment, hazard warning systems are promising to be a very large part of this field in the coming years. BMW, along with several other companies, have been working hard to produce their own helmets which can interact with the bike which is being ridden. This can help the bike to warn you about slippery roads, oncoming hazards, and even issues which you can’t see at all, all without creating a distracting show which will make it hard for you to focus on the road.

Blackbox Monitoring

When someone has an accident on a bike, they will often be left in a position where they can’t help themselves. A lot of people have died as a result of this, as they simply can’t get medical attention quickly enough, especially if they are unconscious. Blackbox monitoring can solve this issue for you, with the company which supplies it to you keeping a close eye on information about your bike at all times. If they receive data which looks like you’ve had an accident, they will work to make sure that you’re safe in a speedy and professional manner. While the idea of having people watching you might not be nice, it’s far more pleasant than the idea of spending a night injured in a ditch.

Greater Visibility

Finally, as the last thing to consider in all of this, it’s time to think about one of the most common complaints car drivers will have about motorcyclists; they can’t see them. Being such a thin machine, it’s hard for people driving cars to see bikes when they are approaching from the wrong angle, often causing accidents. Over the last few years, though, loads of products have hit the market to help with this. With options which are more attractive than traditional reflective jackets, you don’t have to ruin your fashion statement just to be safe, and can rest assured that people won’t ignore you.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on deciding whether or not a motorbike might be for you. You also have to keep in mind that great motorcycle riders aren’t born, they’re made, and that reason alone is why it’s so important that you get properly trained in riding. You can actually learn to ride a motorcycle on a genuine Harley-Davidson motorcycle; After all, that’s going to be your biggest way to learn safe riding, first and foremost.