3 Life Events That You Can Use to Springboard Yourself to a Fresh Start

It would be nice if life always worked out the way we wanted it to, and rewarded our assorted efforts with endless victories and accolades along the way.

Of course, that’s not what actually happens. What actually happens is more like we stumble around in the direction of our goals, crashing into all kinds of obstacles on the way, and picking ourselves up when we fall.

Life is always “messy” by default. But, sometimes, things become so unproductive and turbulent, that what you really need in order to regain your sense of possibility and well-being, is a “fresh start.”

The most well-established “fresh start” occasion in the Western world today is New Year’s – a time when everyone, more or less, feels like a new leaf is being turned over, and a gym membership might actually be a good idea after all.

Psychologically speaking, it’s often important for us to have specific life events that we can use as a springboard to launch ourselves towards a fresh start.

So, here are a few life events that you can use for that purpose.


Moving to a new home


Moving to a new home is always a “fresh start” of sorts, and it’s a great opportunity to let go of clutter and excess belongings, to boot. As soon as you sign the contract at the estate agents, a journey unfolds.

When you move to a new home – and especially if you’re moving to a new area, as well – you can’t help but appreciate the fact that it’s the “start of something new.” With that realisation, you face a fork in the road.

One path sees you carrying all your unproductive old habits and behaviours with you, while the other calls for you to leave them behind, and become a “new you” in your new home environment.


The loss of a job


People don’t often think of the loss of a job as an “opportunity” as such, but how many of us stay in jobs that we hate, instead of pursuing our dreams, just because of momentum and inertia?

If your job lets you go, that may as well serve as the catalyst for realising what you really want in life, and going out to pursue it.

Instead of diving straight back into another job that you absolutely hate, take a gamble, and try something else.

Even if you have to take another job in a hurry, to pay the bills, you should at least adjust your perspective and start working feverishly at a side venture in order to set the stage for a different future.


The beginning of a  relationship


Relationships are one of the fundamental components of life itself, and every romantic relationship causes changes in both participants – for the better, ideally.

When you start a serious relationship, your life may well take on a different perspective. This is especially true if you’re in your mid-20s or so.

Suddenly, going on weekend-long party benders is no longer quite as appealing as it once was. Maybe it’s time to start making longer-term plans, instead – and maybe a trip to a museum or play would be a good alternative to clubbing.

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