Tips and Tricks Preventing Bathroom Mold

If you have ever experienced mold in your bathroom, on tiles, grout, sinks, and windows, then you are not alone; it is something that is really common. In fact, it would be more rare if you had never experienced mold in your bathroom. But just because it is common, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it that way. It is a really easy way to prevent mold in your bathroom, but that can only happen if you haven’t let it get out of hand. Bathroom mold is common because mold do like damp and dark spaces, so a bathroom is a breeding ground. But here are the things that you can be doing to make sure that you can prevent and avoid the mold as much as possible. It can leave your bathroom looking as good as new.

Preventing Mold

The best defense and to keep your bathroom looking good is to prevent mold from occurring in the first place. These are some of the top ways of doing so. 

  • You should get bathroom fan test.
  • Does your bathroom have a ventilation fan or extractor fans? If you don’t have something like this, then this can be one of the first things that you can do. Then you can have the fan on when you shower and bathe, and leave it on for a little bit afterwards too. Mold can come as a result of lack of ventilation, so making sure that you have plenty of ventilation is really key. Opening the windows regularly is a must as well.
  • Keeping your general household humidity levels low, to less than half, is a must; some homes are just more humid than others. Getting and using a dehumidifier or an air purifier can be something that can help.
  • If you have a shower curtain, then that can be one of the first places where you will see mold and mildew, as it can easily attach and you’ll start seeing black mold. So look for a shower curtain that is mildew-resistant. Equally, you could make sure you wash it regularly, or replace the shower curtain frequently.
  • Things that are kept in the shower, like sponges, shampoo bottles, and soap, can get lots of mold on them if they are kept in the shower. This will be when water sticks to them, and they’re not cleaned or dried off. So just store them in a different part of the room. 
  • Make sure that you use deep cleaning services for you to wash things like your bathroom rugs, mats, and towels frequently.

Getting Rid of Mold

If you find that no matter what you do, you always have lots of mold in your home, then here are some of the cleaning tips and tricks to help.

  • Any old grout and caulk, or sealant that is covered in mold needs to be replaced. So make sure that you cut any old away, and replace.
  • When you clean your bathroom, make sure that you are using cleaners that have mold-killing properties, such as bleach, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. Just don’t mix these up!
  • It has been mentioned above, but keeping windows and doors open while cleaning, will help to bring fresh air in and help dry out the mold.