Have Fun Making these Five DIY Swing Sets

Swings have traditionally taken on a simple design since 500 B.C. This design consisted of slabs of wood tied to a tree. However, this design has since evolved and become more elaborate. Swings are now sophisticated structures featuring multi-seat options, slides, and even mini patios. You could even find a swing set with a climbing wall.

Why Not Make Your Own DIY Swing Set?
While there are many swing models on the market, you could avoid spending thousands of dollars on installing a fancy swing set in the backyard and instead build your own. This not only saves money, but it also gives you an option to cater to your family’s needs and wants.

This can also be an excellent project for a beautiful weekend spent home with the kids. The following ideas will give you the option to either make a few swings for the kids or go all out with an entire backyard playground.

Hanging in Trees
If you have a tree in your backyard and can access some scrap wood and a long rope, then you could take on easy DIY, which has the same design as that of early swings. It merely involves stringing up a seat from a tree limb. In case you do not have a sturdy tree or yard, you could make this swing indoors.

Flying High
For families that love A-frame swings, you can add a custom-made airplane seat along with a fresh coat of paint to the swing. Although this setup might appear intimidating, it is much easier once you start building, and it keeps to a budget under $50. The trick in this project is picturing how all the pieces come together before starting construction.

Staying Posted
Another beautiful and yet simple swing set design takes on the basic swing structure, which utilizes two pieces of lumber on the side and one on the top. You can upgrade this design by adding a few extra pieces such that you mimic a pergola. You could also use Trex, an unusually long-lasting composite deck material, to make the swing seats.

The Perfect Playhouse
For the kids that love their personalized outdoor spaces, you can make a play palace that features a built-in swing set. You can construct this structure from scratch and then add finishing touches such as cushions, outdoor seating, and even an ottoman for kids to relax after a long afternoon spent playing. If you already have an existing playhouse, this structure is realistic, provided you have a post that can support the swing set’s bar.

Switching it Up
Perhaps you plan to move from your current home at some point. This swing set idea involves constructing a pergola, which allows you to switch up the outdoor living area instantly. The benefit of this structure is that you can switch between individual swings and porch swings. You could even replace the swings with a table for outdoor dining if desired.

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