Choosing the Right Plumbing Fixtures for Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether it is a full bathroom remodel or just a replacement of some fixtures, numerous choices are available when selecting new fixtures for your bathroom. From elaborate shower towers with multiple heads and body sprays to stylish sink faucets – there’s a lot to keep in mind.

Price and long-term expenses should be considered as well, which is why this article discusses selecting the right plumbing fittings for your recently renovated bathroom.

If you need help choosing the ideal fixtures for your bathroom remodel, consider the advice from this article. To get the best results, you should team up with the top plumbing contractors in Mount Vernon, WA.


As there are various bathroom plumbing fixture choices to consider when making your selections, aesthetics must always come first when selecting fixtures for your bathroom.

This involves choosing a color, finish, and style that complements your design aesthetic and durability and maintenance considerations – for instance, brushed nickel and bronze are great durable choices with little upkeep required. In contrast, brass needs frequent polishing to remain looking new.

Size is another important factor to take into account; an excessively large faucet may overwhelm a small sink basin and cause excessive splashing.

Furthermore, one should carefully consider the angle at which a faucet spout points into the basin – although traditionally, they point directly inward, angled versions can help reduce splashing while creating a more balanced appearance.

At its core, selecting the right plumbing fixtures means choosing something that accentuates your design aesthetic and enhances your home. There is an array of fixtures available to meet every taste, from classic vintage designs to more modern contemporary looks; if you need help determining which will complement your current decor, visit a showroom for help or consult a designer.


Fixtures in both kitchen and bathroom design are an integral component that brings together an overall design scheme. From styles, materials, and finishes that enhance aesthetics and functionality to showerheads, faucets, and sinks available today – there’s a fixture out there to fit every taste imaginable – selecting fixtures can often feel daunting.

The first step should be identifying your bathroom style to narrow your options – it might have a modern, traditional, transitional, or eclectic design aesthetic – and then selecting fixtures to complement that theme.

For instance, if your contemporary bathroom features sleek lines and polished chrome or brushed nickel finishes, while for classic-inspired vintage bathrooms, try fixtures with intricate designs and an antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze finish instead.

Consider your family’s needs when selecting bathroom fixtures. For instance, if you have children, installing dual faucets could make getting ready quicker for everyone in the household. Or you might opt for water-efficient fixtures to reduce energy consumption in your home.

Furthermore, ensure it will be easy for you to maintain these new fixtures by considering cleaning time versus dirt accumulation; doing this could prevent costly repair bills in the future.


Your selection of plumbing fixtures can have a dramatic impact on your overall remodel budget. Though some fixtures are more affordable than others, quality still matters and can make all the difference in durability and performance. Avoid bargain brands, which save upfront but may cost more maintenance and replacement expenses over time.

The good news is that you wouldn’t believe how reasonably priced, high-quality plumbing fittings can be! Choose from various designs and finishes to meet any design aesthetic – from minimalist modernism to luxurious.

When shopping for shower heads or tub faucets, look for the WaterSense label to ensure that you select an option that adheres to environmental standards and reduces water usage.

Installing simple to clean and maintain showerheads and faucets in your bathroom is a good place to start if money is limited. Consider brushed nickel or chrome options with single-handle levers to complement existing decor while being more forgiving of water spots and fingerprints.

Once your finances allow, upgrade to more ornate tub or shower designs that add visual interest while simultaneously improving functionality – but make sure any additional features fit within your family’s daily use of the space!


With so many choices available to meet personal style and budget constraints, choosing plumbing fixtures should be a manageable task if you know what you want – or consult a professional.

As your first step when purchasing bathroom faucets and plumbing accessories, ask yourself what style would complement the decor in your home. Faucets come in all styles, from traditional to contemporary; fixtures also range in color from matte black to vibrant green and can match other hardware like cabinet handles or light fixtures or make a bold statement.

Make sure you consider how the faucets will interact with both your sink and bathtub when selecting faucets for them. For example, choosing a showerhead that provides multiple water flow and temperature settings allows for customization to your bathing experience and provides comfort after an exhausting day.

Considering how you haven’t done plumbing work before, it might be wise to call a plumber now. They can assess your space and help determine where best to situate hot and cold water lines for different fixture types and identify whether copper or PEX pipe would be best to be installed.