Shopping for a kitchen sink, maintenance, and more

Shopping for a kitchen sink, maintenance, and more

If you visit Pinterest and Instagram, you will find out how the emerging kitchen and bathroom trends are vastly different from earlier times. No one wants to play safe with simple chrome and stainless steel features. Everybody is eager to adopt something new and refreshing. You can check the last year’s trends for an experience. There was nearly 45% more demand for granite sinks. It can surprise you because this material is still vulnerable compared to stainless steel basins and requires better treatment than them regardless of the heavy or light use.

No matter why you choose or reject this option, you cannot deny that replacing a sink is more than a functional need.  You want your new plumbing fixture to be the proper size and stylish. And in this, the material can contribute a lot. The new technologies ensure that most of the materials are stain-resistant. You also don’t have to fear about scratches and scuffs until something goes wrong. But accidents can happen with anything. For that matter, even stainless steel is also not safe. The sharp objects or frequent dropping of the dishes can dent the strongest surfaces also. Hence, it is better to look into one’s kitchen habits.

Today, granite black sinks are widely desired for multiple reasons. If you get an idea about them, you may also consider it as a choice. Plus, it is essential to know that black color options were not there a few years back. But consumer choices have revolutionized the market. Since a black granite sink can instantly transform any kitchen into a chic and gorgeous space, homeowners show an inclination toward this. They usually buy a matte black or brushed gold faucet for it to make their sink area sexier.

The popularity of granite sinks

Stone sinks dominated the luxurious kitchens for a long time. Homeowners enjoyed this choice because of the unique designs and textures, which were challenging to mimic. So, it gave them a sense of satisfaction and pride in their possession. However, the main challenge with stone sinks is the porous nature that promotes germ and bacterial growth. Hence, you cannot count it as a healthy addition. Then, the cost of buying one is also high, which many cannot afford. As an alternative, granite sinks made an appearance in the stores and became a hit despite initial resistance.

Granite sinks are not pure stone material. They consist of quartz dust and acrylic resin, which lend them the stone’s coveted characteristics but for a cost-effective price. You can expect to find a robust and attractive composite model between $200 and $400. Besides, the sink’s uniform look is another factor that you could not obtain with stone basins. Variety in shapes, sizes, and colors are extra benefits. With composite sinks, you can also be at peace for their performance. Durability, stain resistance, and ability to absorb thermal shocks make them a trusted companion for your busy space.

With new models, you don’t even have to think about hygiene. These get antibacterial protection to allow you and your family to stay safe and healthy from any infections. Then, granite sink can also provide noise control caused by water stream falling on the surface because of the advanced makeup.

As such, you get them in white, brown, and gray hues apart from black. But if you like to follow the latest trends, an urge to choose black can grip you. The black granite sink looks bold. It maintains its identity while contributing to the overall décor and ambiance without overshadowing anything. That’s why it feels comfortable to experiment with this variety. Some people hesitate, thinking about maintenance. But high-end black granite sinks can be your go-to option for allowing you to stay tension-free about the rigorous cleaning routine. How?

The maintenance and cleaning of black granite sinks

You can prepare a mix of dishwashing solution and warm water and dip a soft cloth in it. Wipe the sink surface with the wet wipe after every use. Your sink will always be clean-looking. You will not have to worry about deep cleaning. If you think water spots can spoil its shine, you can make it a habit to wipe it with a soft dry cloth after each use. It can prevent limescale and water spot buildups easily. However, if you find the surface has turned extremely dirty due to prolonged neglect, you may want to give it a deep cleaning.

Stubborn stains may not instantly remove even if you apply a warm soapy mix. For this, you can try a homemade remedy – blend a small amount of white vinegar or baking soda in water and take a soft wipe to rub the surface with the readymade solution gently. The stains and spots can disappear fast. Later, don’t forget to rinse the sink with clean water and pat it dry. Pay attention to corners and drain areas as these tend to trap plenty of dirt and grime.

So, what is on your mind now? A black granite sink can be a handsome addition to any kitchen with a modern, traditional, or transitional vibe. It can attract attention regardless of the corner it occupies due to its sheer powerful presence that is difficult to miss. And if yours is an open floor plan, you may not need to think twice. It is just that you would want to ensure it fits your sink area. The top-mount models go with almost every countertop, while undermount designs need reliable support for their unique installation demands.

To avoid costly modifications, you can select the black granite models in drop-in style. You can also choose the other option if the existing sink is undermount, or you are ready to spend a bit more to modify the space. Once it settles down in the kitchen, you can enjoy its gorgeous look and high-end functions for many years, provided you don’t expose it to harsh elements or unfavorable conditions. The guests and visitors would swear by your choice when they come across it.