6 Trendy Ways You Can Make Your Home Luxurious in 2022

In an ideal world, everyone would have a professional interior designer on hand to transform their home with luxurious and sophisticated interior design. Unfortunately, we can’t all be the Kardashians – reality bites huh? For the rest of us, it can be tricky to navigate a renovation on a budget. Luckily these days, you don’t need your own reality television show to bring a little luxury and comfort right into your living spaces.

With 2022 already well underway, there’s never been a better time to renovate your home. From natural lighting and organic fibres to textures, chandelier lamp shades and houseplants, keep reading for our breakdown on all the trendy ways you can bring luxury into your home this year.

Textiles & textures 

Have a good hard think about the textiles and textures around your home. Are they all similar? Do they match? There’s no denying choosing the same colour for your sofa, chairs, pillows and curtains are sure to make your space fall totally flat.

In 2022, swap out the bland and the boring for different textures to add a bit of dimension. Choosing a variety of different hues of the same colour can really liven up a space, even if you are of the minimalist variety. Otherwise, a dusty pink or mustard can brighten up your interior furnishings and make a room truly enticing.


In 2022, lighting is arguably the most important component of any living space – and contrary to popular belief, updating your fixtures or lampshades doesn’t have to empty your wallet.

The first component to think about is the light itself – what kind of atmosphere are you looking to cultivate? Are you looking for a cosy atmosphere or a cooler, more stark vibe? Start by looking at your lightbulb. A white light will always make a room appear starker and more clinical whereas a warmer, more yellow light will create a cosier atmosphere.

Next, look at your lampshades and fixtures. For a luxurious look, opt for black or a metallic material in gold or silver. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a chandelier lamp shade. Choosing a large, central focus point like a chandelier will draw visitors into your room.

Last but not least, layer your lighting. As well as your focal point, layer lighting around the room at different heights. This will give you the opportunity to create a real sense of atmosphere in your living spaces in the evening and foster a relaxing ambience.

Houseplants & fresh flowers

Aesthetically appealing and practical, houseplants can freshen up your space quite literally, not to mention add a pop of colour in a neutral space. Fresh flowers in a simple, glass vase from your local market have a similar effect.

Like your lighting, you should layer your plants around a room at different heights. If you love houseplants, this will create a cosy atmosphere without overwhelming any visitors to your home.

Vintage shopping

You know the saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well, it’s never been truer in 2022. With the environment front and centre, and a whole generation of young kids dreaming of “better days” in the 90s, second-hand shopping is well and truly back in – if it ever went out, of course.

These days, vintage is the new new. Keep an eye out for car boot sales, second-hand stores and flea markets where you can score vintage décor on the cheap. Remember to keep a special eye out for classic wooden furniture that can be revamped.

Ceiling to floor curtains

Not everyone is lucky enough to have high ceilings. Luckily, it’s easy enough to mimic the appearance of high ceilings by hanging your curtains and drapery as high and as close to your ceiling as possible. Although traditionally placed just above your window frame, placing your curtains higher will draw the human eye up and give the appearance of a larger, loftier space. In addition, sheer curtains can soften the natural light that flows from your windows and give the room a cosy atmosphere.

When choosing new curtains, keep textures in mind. For example, a white waffle duvet is complemented by linen curtains in a neutral brown. As previously mentioned, too much of the same colour and texture can fall flat and make a room seem bland.


These days, elevating your kitchen or bathroom has never been easier. You don’t need a major interior overhaul to get the luxurious tiled room you’ve always wanted. A simple white backsplash with dark grouting for example can create an eye-catching design and elevate your kitchen with luxurious aesthetics. Don’t forget to experiment with different layouts and find the best possible layout for you and your home.


For an undeniable sense of luxury and minimalism, stick to neutrals when refreshing your colour palette. This doesn’t just apply to your chosen wall colours, but also your furnishings. Neutral colours are also timeless and always in style, on top of delivering a guaranteed sense of calm to any room. If you’re hoping to stay on-trend, this also means you won’t have to worry about constantly redecorating.

For a quick refresh, swap out your artwork, interior décor or light fixtures for softer more neutral tones. However, for a more serious overhaul, pop to your local hardware store, pick up your favourite neutrals and get painting!

Final thoughts

With the new year already underway, there’s never been a better time to refurbish your property. From organic fibres and textures to natural lighting, chandelier lamp shades and plenty of houseplants to freshen up the air, you don’t need to be made of money these days to bring a little comfort and luxury into your home.

Although it can be tricky to navigate a renovation on a budget, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Perhaps most important, don’t forget to get a little creative. Your home is a reflection of your unique personality, and at the end of the day the little changes you make will come down to your own tastes and preferences. Have fun!

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