Security Measures to Keep Your Boat Safe

Boats and yachts are by no means cheap, and once you have forked out the often eye-watering sum to obtain one you’re likely going to want to do everything you can to keep yours safe. With boat thefts also continuing to rise, it should come as no surprise that anyone who owns a boat or yacht will want to invest the best security measures in order to keep their vessel safe.

There are many different security measures you can take to keep your boat safe and secure, with GPS trackers being one of the most popular. Modern GPS boat trackers are now incredibly accurate allowing you keep a watchful eye on your vessel’s location by installing a boat tracker.

Buy a GPS Boat Tracker

Investing in a GPS tracker for your boat will not only prevent the theft of your vessel but also ensure that it is never misused or moved without your permission. By using satellite positioning systems, GPS boat trackers can track the movements of your vessel in real-time, sending out an alert should it be moved without permission. These waterproof devices can easily be attached to the hull of the boat, making them invisible to thieves.

Invest in an Alarm System

When combined with other security measures like a boat tracker, an alarm system is one of the most important things you can add to your boat to prevent it from being stolen. However, it is important that you invest in the right boat alarm system and not just any alarm system.

The boat alarm you buy should first and foremost be reliable. It should be designed to last for extended periods of time in a wet environment, and have the appropriate level of sensitivity. After all, you don’t want the alarm to be triggered by something as minor as a bird landing on your boat.

Any alarm system should also be user-friendly. For the alarm to operate at maximum efficiency, you need to able to use it correctly.

Remove Your Keys

This might seem like a rather obvious way to keep your both safe and secure, but you would be surprised to learn just how many boat owners leave their key to their vessels in the ignition. While this is obviously a bad idea, you should never leave your keys anywhere on or near the boat, as thieves could easily find them.

While Your Boat is Docked

You won’t be using your boat all of the time, unless you live on it, so it is important that you take some security steps while our boat is docked. These precautionary measures will help to ensure the safety of your boat until you get it back out on the water again.

  • Always take valuable with you. A docked boat is the perfect target for criminals who will raid it for anything valuable from expensive personal items too costly equipment like radios. Make sure that you always take these with you, as to not tempt criminals.
  • Frequently visit your boat. Checking in on your boat regularly will help you spot any signs of foul play or someone attempting to steal it.
  • Make sure the dock ties are secure. There’s not much point in your tying up your boat, if you aren’t regularly checking that the dock ties are still secure.