PlayPianoFluently, radical piano & keyboard musicianship training

[London, UK, July 18th 2019] Phil Best, London-based pianist, composer and creator of the ground-breaking new approach to learning piano, PlayPianoFluently, has published the full course at This foundation course develops powerful fluent musicianship skills that flow naturally and is a radical departure from traditional piano teaching methods.

The course teaches the structure and vocabulary of musical language comprehensively over 12 modules, spread over 3 levels, with instructions, diagrams, notated practice materials and short demonstration videos. As well as modules 1 to 12, there is an extra crucial “module infinity” which addresses the vital topic of how to practise in the right zone.

Phil believes that a fluent piano player can express themselves using the musical language of rhythm and tonality with the same freedom and ease that we all have when speaking using a verbal language that we grasp fluently. Whilst we can always improve our level of fluency, we can say we’re fluent when we can speak and understand most of what we encounter. And so it is with musical fluency. The PlayPianoFluently course creates that critical level of fluency.

Phil expands further saying “Fluency is hugely empowering, enabling students to play by ear, improvise and sight-read. Many people claim to be able to sight-read but they don’t read fluently. A fluent sight-reader can look at an unfamiliar musical score and imagine the sounds playing in their head immediately and precisely, which is not a common skill. Imagine how laborious it would be to read a book if you had to type each letter into a machine before you could hear and understand the words.”

The course encourages a playful approach as being critical to success. Coaching videos on YouTube and help students find this ideal zone to practise in a state of flow. Phil points out that we all intuitively understand music, even when hearing it for the first time and we know when a performance sounds weak musically, even if we can’t explain why. So anyone who loves music, has enough of this innate, unconscious musical sense to become a fluent pianist.

The course is designed to generate conscious understanding of how music works on the keys using a simple model. With no dense theory, students just play creatively using the surprisingly small amount of musical vocabulary that we need to ‘speak’ the language of music effortlessly.
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