Fight the Climate Crisis – Offset Your Internet

Comparison site chooses carbon offsetting over cuddly toys:

With dire warnings of climate catastrophe on the increase, the future of the planet looks bleak. Fixing the problem can seem overwhelming, but environmentalists agree that we need everyone to take small steps to help keep global temperature rises below the crucial 1.5C target.

Some are more obvious than others – we know that jumbo jets and beef burgers aren’t helping. Lots of people are switching to green energy and efficient appliances – but what about our WiFi? Ofcom says we’re spending an average of 24 hours a week online – that adds up to a lot of internet use.

Internet Impact

Massive data centres used by web giants like Google and Facebook use huge amounts of energy. A study by the Boston Consulting Group suggested the internet is responsible for over one billion tonnes of greenhouse gases each year – that’s 2% of global emissions.


Ofcom-accredited comparison site is helping people do their bit by offsetting 200KG of carbon emissions for every deal bought through their site. It’s completely free for users, as the company covers the cost.

Users can choose the project they prefer – Tree Planting in the UK, Clean Stoves in Kenya, or Wind Power in India – all accredited to the Verified Carbon Standard by

Ben Tibbits, Director at, said: “We know most people want to do their bit. We’ve all got a part to play. Our users can now help save the planet as well as hundreds of pounds on their broadband. It all adds up – we’re going to offset thousands of tonnes of CO2.”

What is Carbon Offsetting?

A carbon offset is a way to balance out emissions by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere. It’s not a solution – we still need to reduce emissions – but it can play a vital role in combating combat global climate change. It also provides social and environmental benefits for communities living in poverty – a quick win for everyone.