Do you have an SME? This is How Virtual PBX Hosted in the Cloud Might Help Your Business Grow

One might think that, in the age of social networks and e-mails, corporate telephone communication is long gone. However, statistics says the opposite: the majority of communications in business still take place over the telephone.

Not so many years ago, companies used huge PBX systems -a kind of box that acted as a telephone exchange. With this system, employees seem to be chained to their desks to answer calls, and it also demanded high initial hardware costs, permanence contracts and  the constant renewal of obsolete equipment. However, the current scenario is different. 

Organizations have opted for cloud computing and storage also in the area of telephone calls, which is now possible thanks to devices like virtual pbx. The virtual pbx service basically consists of an intelligent VOIP, which does not require the installation of remote equipment or complex systems to achieve advanced functions, but is still capable of numbering more than 140 countries. Besides, it allows number portability with the telephone number existing before the acquisition. 

All these advantages allow to offer a superior quality of customer assistance and without requiring more employees, because it is also possible to have a robot for the administration of locations and specialized assistance. Subscribing can be very simple, and it is also possible to do it from anywhere, since this system has been designed to be the solution to communication problems between dependencies of companies -and therefore will be a safe bet to improve its operation. For this reason is that the idea has not taken long to become popular and be implemented by the most recognized companies around the world.

Advances in this field offer a wide range of possibilities that allow greater flexibility to adapt to the pace of work and mobility of the new times, while saving costs in unnecessary infrastructure. Riding the digital transformation wagon, also in communications, is no longer an option for companies, but an obligation. And now SMEs have it easier than ever.

Increasing sales and improving efficiency are the top priorities for small and medium-sized enterprises, which face continuing challenges such as limited access to technology, severe competition from multinationals or resource management. Cloud virtual pbx offers them every opportunity to achieve their goals through easy scalability, faster growth and increased productivity. Let’s dive in all the benefits:

Cost saving

Eliminating the need to install and regularly update equipment saves the company a lot of money. SMEs usually have smaller budgets and this limits their ability to communicate effectively with their customers and conduct successful marketing campaigns, which ultimately reduces their sales.

This cost reduction is not at odds with the quality and security of communications. Cloud telephony providers offer the possibility of encoding or encrypting calls to ensure that they are not heard. It provides more than 150 high-end telephony system functions, such as site interconnection, voice encryption, conference calling or call routing, as well as tailored premium solutions for hotels, hospitals, business centres, banks or contact centres.

Increased productivity

Virtual PBX also offers higher productivity. Through a virtual answering system, it ensures that not a single call is missed and facilitates connection with customers at any time and from anywhere. Whether you’re travelling for commercial reasons or you’re stuck in a traffic jam, if you get a call you can take it. This ensures that it is available to your customers when they want it.

Brand image improvement

Virtual pbx automates all communications and allows customers to press different keys to connect to different departments when they call, something that increases customer confidence in the company because they perceive this fact as something typical of a professional organization that is managed and equipped like multinationals.

Flexible scalability

SMEs generally lack the funds and resources to scale up their operations. However, cloud telephony helps them grow according to market needs. No additional infrastructure or manual labor is required. All you have to do is route the customer’s incoming call to aggregated business extensions. Since you can access these calls from any device, it ensures that all your communications are handled through one channel without any limitations. Therefore, SMEs now have the flexibility to scale up or down without having to worry about managing communications with a wider customer base.

Call analytics

The system continuously generates information about call volumes, average duration, cost, missed calls, etc. This gives SMEs the opportunity to track each customer and also record the performance of each agent, without using additional resources. In this way, companies can easily identify areas for improvement and know exactly what goals to set for the coming quarters. It also helps to provide feedback and specific training for employees to improve their performance, making communications as convenient as possible for the customer.


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