New Haven Native Seeks Healing for Families Through Geneology Online Show


Darryl Brackeen Jr, CEO of DJBJ Motivational Media, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to develop an online mini-series entitled, “The Family Tree: Roots, Branches, and Vines.” Brackeen is a native of New Haven, CT, where he became a history educator, urban elected official, and non-profit leader. Darryl is an African-American millennial with a budding family, within a diverse and vibrant urban community. One of Brackeen’s fears as a father was the lack of information to articulate his family history to his daughters as they got older in age. The lack of information was caused by the enslavement of African-Americans, which stripped African Americans of their identity. Therefore research could be limited.

In genealogical communities, it is rather hard to get a solid paper trail pre-emancipation proclamation. That is why Darryl is developing an online mini-series, “The Family Tree: Roots, Branches, and Vines”, which will be hosted by Darryl who through his journey was able to connect the dots for his family history. Through the advances in technology and DNA testing of African Ancestry Darryl was able to trace his lineage back to Northern Nigeria. As a historian, educator, politician, and writer, it was essential to help unearth the family histories of members of the community shaping our society. For this mission of healing and restoration to take place, this production needs support. Darryl is a podcaster and talk show host who wants to produce and facilitate meaningful online content by revealing the stories and family trees of everyday people impacting communities. “I have made it my mission to help connect the community to their past to be inspired to impact our communities today.” As the saying goes, “you don’t know where you are going until you know where you have been.” As with any story, the nuggets that we will identify is only to bring healing and closure to lost history. This show will uncover the good, bad, and the ugly, but recognizing that no one’s family is ever one without these elements. The Family Tree: Roots, Branches, and Vines needs backers through the Kickstarter campaign.  According to Brackeen, “like many urban young adult business owners, access to initial capital can be a challenge. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of staffing, genealogical research, and covering the cost of ancestry DNA testing for the community members seeking to know their family history.” As a backer, you will also receive exclusive footage after the first season production.

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