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“possibly the one and only Supernatural self-help guide”

The Ghost Guru represents the only major culture shift in paranormal investigation and supernatural interactions for 100 years. In this first volume: Steampunking the Supernatural, the author provides an overarching ethos, set of principles and a methodology for developing a new skillset, a 21st Century approach to Spiritualism – Steampunking it if you will.

The book provides a potted history of Faith & Belief systems, Pre and Post-Victorian Spiritualism and Hypnosis & Mesmerism – subject matter which is supported by narrative from personal experiences of the supernatural. Memoir and methodology now work to encourage growth and development of the reader’s own new supernatural abilities.

Darren Lee Willbourne wrote and published his first fiction novel in 2012 and has now drawn upon his experiences within a paranormal context to write The Ghost Guru. He has grown from wide-eyed innocent to professional paranormal investigator, operating corporate and private events within the UK. Currently studying for a diploma in professional hypnotherapy, he adds a constant underlying thread of self-empowerment throughout his methodology – which he sees as growing intrinsically pertinent to society today.

Darren lives in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK.

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