Orphan discovers family tree goes back to Virgin Mary’s Family

Book CoverFormer orphan Carolyn Whitbeck, Author of the book “Born to be an Orphan,” Amazon-2010, has finally gotten her Family Tree completed by over 30,000 genealogical professionals. Over the course of 3 years, these professionals were shocked to discover that Carolyn was descended from over 120 European Kings and Queens; as well as the family of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This new book “The Orphan’s Discovery,” displays this remarkable journey, from Carolyn knowing nothing about her past; to the amazing discoveries of royalty, and her relationships to the Holy Family. Carolyn invites the readers to take this journey with her. After completing her tree, the genealogical professionals are seriously questioning how Queen Elizabeth II; King Harald V, Queen Margrethe II and others, who are Hanoverian (German) by birth, are able to legitimately sit on the thrones of their countries. Most researchers and historians agree that all of these royals are from Germanic dynasties. Where are the actual British royals who were descended from England’s Kings and Queens of old; and why aren’t they sitting on the British throne?

Carolyn Whitbeck

Carolyn Ann Whitbeck has been on a life-long journey that has taken her to some of the darkest places a child can ever be in. She endured the toughness of incarceration, never once being told what crime(s) she committed. She ended up in a Group Home for children with criminal backgrounds; and stayed there for 10 years. Carolyn was the only orphan in the Group Home, commonly referred to as “Youth City.” There she was sexually assaulted and beaten regularly, by the staff, and other older kids. But she survived. She had always longed to know where she came from, and who her family was. At 53, Carolyn entered herself into a collegiate lottery, and was selected. The professors agreed to build her family tree, as part of her being selected. After 3 years, they completed her Family Tree. What they found was amazing. Carolyn has been an orphan advocate for many years, and she built a website called: http://www.thelostchild.org. She provides suggestions and recommendations to federal and state government officials regarding the treatment of orphans in the United States. Orphans are the most forgotten segment of the American population.

Carolyn Ann Whitbeck. tommy.carolyn.whitbeck.rockefeller@gmx.com.

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