Shakespeare for Millennials

23rd September 2019, Cardiff, UK

New LifeStory includes 35 Plays in Whatsapp Format

LifeStories, the company behind the LifeStories and LifeStories Studio apps has added a new LifeStory for immediate download. Continuing the theme of showing how LifeStories can be created to reflect a diverse range of subjects, the latest LifeStory is a timeline of William Shakespeare’s plays between 1589 and 1614 and includes all of his best-known works.

For the first time, each of the plays is presented in the form of a Whatsapp chat, a decision taken by author and LifeStories founder Phil John. “I wanted to choose a body of work that was both extensive, and available from a copyright perspective. Having decided to choose Shakespeare’s plays, the decision was how to represent each one of them. The group chat format is ideal for representing a play, so I simply ensured that each play was in a format that allowed me to import it in the LifeStories Studio app”.

According to John, the new LifeStory is further evidence of the flexibility of the LifeStories approach, “You can use a LifeStory to tell the story of just about anything. While most of the work we’ve done so far is based heavily on photos, videos, and audio, this example shows that with a little imagination you can express yourself in completely new ways”.

The new LifeStory, “Shakespeare’s Plays”, is now available in the free LifeStories app for iPhone and iPad.

LifeStories is a trading name of AppCraft Ltd, shortly to be incorporated in its own right.

AppCraft was founded by Phil John in 2008 and has acted as developer and consultant to a wide range of companies. Phil’s LifeStory is one of the five included for download in the LifeStories app, where it is used as an example of how an autobiographical LifeStory can be structured.

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