Biggest Ever Jackpots Ever Made in Casinos

Playing at a casino is all about winning big. Many advantageous players seek the best online casino by merely one factor of how big the winnings can be. Needless to say, before online casinos, people were looking at the same factors in land-based ones.

Even though not all casino games allow for huge wins to happen frequently, there have still been a lot of phenomenal wins in the history of gambling. Many of these wins have come with great stories. Here are just a few of them or check out lincoln casino review to learn more about winning at this online casino. 

Biggest Slot Machine Win

One of the biggest slot machine wins were won by Elmer Sherwin. What’s interesting is that he beat his own record by winning huge wins twice. Sherwin first won at a Megabucks slot machine winning $4.6 million at the Mirage casino in 1989. Sixteen years later, in 2005, Sherwin played at a Cannery Casino in Las Vegas and won a record-breaking amount of $21.1 million, while also being one of the oldest people to do so at the age of 90.

Biggest Blackjack Jackpot

Instead of the usual gamblers and party-goers that usually play Blackjack, this one was won by meticulous MIT students. Using math and probability theory, they employed the strategy of card counting in their play, working as a team to ensure nothing of suspicion would be detected by the dealers. As a result, they’ve gathered almost $100 million.

Highest Craps Payout

One of the highest alleged payouts in the history of Craps was made by Patricia Demauro, who is considered to be one of the best Craps players that ever lived. Playing at the Borgata in Atlantic City, she recorded an impressive win of 154 consecutive throws in 2009. Both the casino and Patricia never revealed how big the win was, but the value was estimated to be at least $1million.

Biggest Roulette Wheel Win 

Ashley Revell became the latest to break the Roulette wheel with a massive win in 2004. Revel, a UK citizen,l sold all of his property and traveled to Las Vegas where he bet all the money he had on a single roulette wheel spin. Betting on red, Revell put a little over $135,000 and doubling that amount after the win. Revell’s experience was filmed and was aired as a short reality show known as Double or Nothing.