Do You Know About Different Components of a Deluxe Wooden Chess Set?

It is almost 1500 years back that the history of “chess” has been traced, and in India, this game originated around 600 years ago. That is roughly where the game started to be played with the concept of “royal” chess. This kind of game was played among nobles and royalty, where each piece had its own identity, power, and purpose.

Although it has evolved (for instance, the movement capability of each piece has been restricted), the main idea behind this game is still intact; that is, the rules and regulations of this game have been integrated into civilization to show power, strength, and conquest.

To be able to play the game, you need a wooden chess set. Today, there are different kinds of chess sets on the market, depending on materials used, price range, or even country of origin (probably made locally).

Deluxe Wooden Chess Sets

There are 12 components to a chess set since the pawn can be promoted to any of the other pieces (when making moves forward).

There are different kinds of chess sets available today made out of different materials, making each set unique. Aside from providing a unique and elegant appeal, these chess sets also provide different properties to the user.

This article will talk about the different components of a deluxe wooden chess set made out of real wood.

1. Chess Board/Box

The chess board is the platform or playfield where a game can be played. This component is crucial in any chess set to keep the pieces in place and organized while both users play. Some players even consider the chess board as an additional piece on the game because of its relevance. There are different kinds of chess boards depending on materials used or even country of origin.

2. Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are the most important components of a chess set because these are the main tools used to play the game. These are not just simple wooden figures, but each one has special powers according to their rank and position on the board. The pawn moves differently from any other piece because they have a unique role in the game.

3. Pawns

Pawns are probably the most important pieces of a chess set because it is the starting point of every game, and this determines how powerful each player will be at a certain point in time.

The pawn moves forward on a straight line on an eight-by-eight checkerboard but can only move either one or two spaces on its first move. Depending on the position of a pawn, it can be moved forward to promote, which is the last step before becoming a queen.

4. Knights

Knights are another powerful piece in a chess set that are the only ones that can jump over other pieces to capture them. They also have an L-shaped movement pattern, similar to horses in real life.

5. Bishops

Bishops are known for their diagonal movement across a chess board. They can also attack pieces from a distance. They can only move up, down, left, or right on the chess board but can never make a diagonal movement.

6. Rooks/Castles

Rooks or Castles on a chess set can move and capture the horizontal rows on an eight-by-eight checkerboard. Like bishops, they cannot make diagonal movements across the board, but they can move horizontally in any direction that would be considered either up or down.

7. Queen

The queen is the most powerful piece on a chess set because she can move in any direction, including diagonally. The queen also has an unlimited number of spaces that it can move without the restriction of distance.

8. Kings

The king on a chess set is the most important piece because he cannot be captured by any other opponent on the board except by being trapped between two opposite enemy pieces. If the king is in danger, the player loses the game because they are already defeated. A king can only move one space at a time, either horizontally or vertically, on the wooden chess set.

9. Storage Case

The storage case is probably the least important component of a chess set because it only protects the inside pieces, mostly pawns, and rooks if any. The role it plays in protecting each piece is to make sure they are not lost or damaged easily when not being played on.

The purpose of a wooden chess set component is to ensure that each piece has its role in the game. Despite having different roles, they are not limited only to moving; some pieces also provide an attack ability or power-ups for other pieces to move faster and capture enemy pieces more efficiently.