Being Human – the path to self-acceptance, resilience and happiness

“There is a much needed and precious thread of compassion in Natalie Read’s book ‘Being Human’. She offers the wealth and depth of her experience and knowledge as a counsellor and as a human being to create a kinder and mindful path forward for any of us (young or older adults) who may want to take steps towards understanding and addressing what may be negatively affecting our mental health. Through clear and succinct information, tailor made meditations and reflective practice activities this book has a wide appeal, and will become an important resource for the general public, mental health practitioners and educational and charitable organisations.” – Carmen Alfonso, Counsellor and Supervisor

Would you like more happiness, self-confidence or resilience? Would you like to improve your relationships? Would you like to manage mental health symptoms or prevent them from arising?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this book could help you. Being Human offers a journey of self discovery to help you find self-acceptance and self-love through a blend of psychology with a mind, body, spirit approach in a language that will appeal to any belief system.

Being Human is written from the heart with a positive and compassionate message, encouraging awareness, responsibility and self-empowerment. It’s full of examples, explanations, exercises and provides free access to 12 accompanying meditations written to support the material in this book.
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About Natalie Read

Natalie Read is a BACP accredited counsellor and over the past 13 years has worked as a counsellor within a University Student Counselling service. She works with students of all ages and nationalities on both a one-to-one and group basis. She has particular experience in running self-esteem, resilience and mindfulness groups. Prior to this, Natalie worked for 10 years in a major global corporate company obtaining experience in organizational culture change, coaching, executive coaching and leadership programs.

Natalie is passionate about helping people to find peace and happiness in their life and has explored many different approaches to do so. For 25 years, Natalie has followed a spiritual quest and brings all of this information blended with counselling and coaching in a language that will appeal to all belief systems. Natalie has been incorporating this blended approach for many years in private workshops and groups. Through this book she is launching a campaign to help address the growing mental health crisis. There are 2 aims:

• Raising awareness of the importance of preventing mental health issues. This will help avoid unnecessary emotional difficulty especially if there is a long wait for support. Also to highlight alternative sources of support for those waiting for professional services.
• Raise funds for people who are unable to access support whether due to long waiting lists or financial constraints.

Q&A with Natalie Read

Why did I write this book?

As a student Counsellor, I’ve watched with a growing concern the increasing demand for counselling. It’s not just the numbers but also the complexity and severity of issues that has increased. The media is full of articles about the mental health crisis – earlier onset with younger children affected, increasing levels of risk and a lack of resources to meet this demand. And it’s not just young people, everyone is affected by mental health.

I considered many options to help this crisis. I started to write a few thoughts down. Each day I wrote a bit more and before long, I realised I was writing a book. This was a big surprise to me as I never intended to be an author or had any desire to put myself in the limelight. I also assumed there was probably a book out there with the information already but couldn’t find it. So I kept going – I had no choice anyway as I couldn’t stop the flow of words. The overall process has been almost 4 years. My hope is that reading this book will help prevent mental health difficulties from occurring or the need to seek the overstretched resources. It is widely known that early intervention is most beneficial. For those with moderate difficulties, the book may offer assistance whilst waiting for support. For more severe and enduring difficulties, the book may be a resource alongside professional support.

The book is targeted at 16-30-year-olds but is equally relevant to adults of all ages who want to feel more happy and resilient in life. It may also be applicable to mature teenagers of a younger age. The book is in 3 parts: part 1 includes common themes that arise in counselling sessions which help to normalise experiences and help build a more positive outlook. Part 2 is dedicated to the most common mental health difficulties with examples and practical solutions to help address and prevent further difficulty through healthy coping strategies. Part 3 focuses on building a new approach towards happiness and self-empowerment with information on how to build resilience, self-love and a stronger sense of self.

What’s unique about this book?

• Written from the heart with a positive, compassionate and empowering message.
• Written by an author who works at the heart of mental health blending counselling and coaching with a holistic approach, in a language intended to appeal to all belief systems. Thereby offering a broader range of solutions to today’s problems.
• Focused on prevention as well as helping to alleviate symptoms. A longer term approach that goes to the root of mental health difficulties by taking the reader on a journey of self-discovery towards self-acceptance and self-love whilst offering healthy coping strategies to deal with the inevitable difficulties of life.
• Offers support for a broader range of mental health difficulties than most books on the market which are often dedicated to one main issue.
• Access to 12 meditations which further support the material in the book.

What’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given?

Life is much simpler and rewarding when you love yourself, others, the planet and live life from this place.

Which authors inspire you?

Brené Brown for her courage to be herself, inspiring others to feel more comfortable with their vulnerability through her example. She is also an incredible storyteller and gives a positive message that helps people to feel good enough as they are. I hope through this book to have followed her example.

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