Whilst raising over £250,000 in 36 Hours for young people’s mental health

September 2019 – London – The team at mental health start up charity IHEART (Innate Health, Education and Resilience training) was both inspired and touched by the extraordinary success of the epic 36-hour crowdfunding campaign A Mental Revolution for Our Children which raised an astonishing £258,000 this past Sunday and Monday (15/16th September).

Breaking all IHEART fundraising efforts, a team of over 60 dedicated staff, supporters, facilitators and volunteers from across the globe tirelessly shared IHEART’s vision and passion to turn the tide on the mental health crisis facing our young people.

Over the course of 36 hours, 800 individuals made donations. The overwhelming response highlighted the growing concern surrounding the current mental health crisis facing our children. The campaign touched so many that the original fundraising goal of £200,000 was reached with a 1/3 of the campaign time still to go, leading to the impromptu bonus round raising a further £58,000. An extremely generous group of matching donors meant almost every pound donated was doubled.

This invaluable funding will help IHEART reach its goal of impacting 50,000 children over the next 3 years, through their participation in the IHEART Resilience Schools Programme which addresses challenging issues such as social media, bullying, low self-esteem, anxiety, anger and addictions at its source.

Says IHEART CEO, Brian Rubenstein, “A great many people who care deeply about helping our children are not satisfied with the status quo. Our Schools Programme is a vital missing piece in the mental health puzzle. The goal of this campaign was to begin removing money as a barrier so that many more vulnerable children can be reached. We are so touched by how many people have taken this cause into their hearts.”

On the back of this campaign, IHEART and its supporters look forward to a future when all young people learn to access their innate wellbeing and potential, empowering them to become resilient adults and contributing members of society.

Original Source PRFire.com