Best Spots in the World for Canoeing Holidays

Anyone seeking a fun and active vacation which will allow them to get out into nature should seriously consider a canoeing vacation. These can be thrilling holidays which provide plenty of action and adventure but also show you the great beauty of the world and a unique viewpoint of your destination. There are many superb destinations to choose from for a canning holiday- here are a few of the best:

St Ives, Cornwall – UK

You do not necessarily have to leave the UK for a brilliant canoeing holiday and you will struggle to find a better destination than St Ives in Cornwall during the summer. This provides beautiful blue waters against a pretty backdrop which makes it an ideal place for a leisurely explore by canoe or kayak. There is also a huge amount to see and do in St Ives so it is somewhere that will certainly keep you entertained.

Granada – Spain

Granada in southern Spain is a great destination for a canoeing holiday because it has beautiful waters, a gorgeous climate and unique geography which includes everything from snow-capped mountains through to tropical coastlines. This makes it a fascinating place to explore with many great lakes and rivers ideal for exploring by canoe.

Dubrovnik – Croatia

Dubrovnik has become a popular holiday destination in recent times due to the fact that it was a filming location for Game of Thrones, but there is much more to this beautiful city than this. The picture-perfect scenery and azure waters make it an ideal place for  canoe holiday as you can explore the coastline and caves while taking in the mesmerising views of the striking architecture and iconic terracotta roofs. Dubrovnik is also a lively city to explore by foot and you can even go on guided tours for fans of the TV show.

The Dordogne – France

The Dordogne is easily one of the prettiest areas in all of Europe with beautiful rolling  French countryside and pretty medieval towns. The Dordogne River can take you on a relaxing winding journey past many of these stunning towns and scenery which makes it a terrific way to explore the area. You can also go on Dordogne canoe trips organised by a holiday company which will be an educational experience, take you to all of the best places and have accommodation sorted in the region’s best hotels.


There are many brilliant destinations around the world for a fun canoeing holiday but you will struggle to find anywhere better than the above destinations. Canoeing holidays bring the best of both worlds because they can be fun and active but you also get to relax and see the great beauty of the region and from a viewpoint that you often do not get with a regular holiday.