Career Options Within the Automotive Industry

Do you have an interest in cars and/or mechanics? There are many excellent careers in the automotive industry that allow you to work with cars each day and many of these areas can be highly rewarding and enjoyable lines of work. Additionally, many of these careers are stable and in-demand due to the fact that automobiles play such a key role in modern life.


One of the most obvious roles is that of a mechanic. Car mechanics make repairs and carry out maintenance tasks which ensures that a motorist can safely use their vehicle which makes the work incredibly important and rewarding. You will need expert knowledge and skills before becoming a mechanic but the work can be lucrative and steady.

Car Salesperson

If you have a passion for cars and great communication skills then a car salesperson could be the perfect role for you. This takes skill, commitment and passion but if you enjoy interacting with people then it can be work which you will enjoy. If you are good at what you do, this can be a very well paying role which is boosted through commission.

Dealership Owner

Leading on from this, if you have a passion for cars and you are good with people but you also like the idea of running your own business then you could open your own dealership. Car dealerships can be highly successful as people are always looking to buy new or used cars, especially if there are electric vehicles available.

Body & Paint Specialist

A body and paint specialist will handle matters relating to the vehicle’s exterior whether this is repairing the body after a collision or applying a fresh coat of paint by using an air compressor from somewhere like SGS. Those that are interested in vehicle aesthetics will enjoy this type of work.


Creative types may want to pursue a career as an automobile designer which can be incredibly rewarding seeing your ideas come to fruition. Automobile design is constantly changing with new trends and technologies so this will be interesting work but you will also require the appropriate qualification and it can be highly competitive.


If you have a passion for cars and extensive knowledge along with a way with words then a career as a car writer could be for you. The automotive industry is enormous with many publications seeking skilled and passionate writers for writing reviews, previews, news, listicles and all kinds of other content.

These are just a few roles that someone with a passion for cars could pursue, all of which can be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding work. Additionally, this is a good industry to enter because automobiles play a huge part of modern life and are always in demand.