New Rugged CX22B-R Data Recorder Provides Fast Results in Interactive Vehicle Testing

HBM’s new SomatXR CX22B-R data recorder enables reliably acquiring and storing measured data in mobile applications such as vehicle testing. The data recorder is well-suited to be used in harsh environments, owing to its extended temperature range of -40 to +80°C. Additionally, it is shock- and vibration-proof, and has an IP65/IP67 degree of protection provided by its water-, dust-, and shock-proof enclosure.

Both centralized and distributed measuring systems can be implemented. HBM’s pre-installed catman measurement software facilitates acquiring and storing data in .bin format. This format includes measured values, traceability data, and the parameters set for measurement and testing, and allows for easy conversion to other formats. Immediate data visualization and analysis during measurements in the field enables users to perform efficient tests and create clear and comprehensive test reports.

The SomatXR data acquisition system provides two flexible mobile measurement solutions: the extremely rugged CX22B-R data recorder for interactive testing, and the CX23-R data recorder with a web interface for unsupervised testing. Besides these two data recorders, seven equally rugged measuring amplifiers are available for acquiring different physical quantities.

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