Car Upgrades that Can Also Increase Your Resale Price

If you would like to increase the value of your car, while making the most out of your experience while driving it, it might be a good idea to consider how the upgrade will impact the resale, no matter if you are planning on changing in a month or a couple of years. Below you will find a few areas to focus on to make driving more enjoyable and attract future buyers as well.


One of the things that compromises the comfort level of older cars is the suspension. Technology has developed a lot in the past few years, and it is important that you pay attention to the important things that matter. If you are hearing a lot of road noise or are finding steering hard, maybe you are feeling every bump on the road, you might want to talk to a car mechanic about upgrading your suspension and taking your car into the 21st century.

Interior Comfort

Of course, for most drivers, spending time behind the wheel is something they want to make the most out of. If you are getting back pain while sitting in traffic or covering long distances, chances are that you will need to upgrade your seats and your comfort. From having your air conditioning topped up or upgraded to having ambient lighting or a surround audio system, there are plenty of things you can change to improve your experience and the next driver’s.


If there is one thing that can add value to your car, it is modern technology. You don’t have to think about big changes; simply adding a Bluetooth connection and a wireless charging system will make the vehicle more suitable for modern families, looking to stay connected with your loved ones and top up their mobile devices. Car connectivity kits are not as expensive these days, and you can improve the comfort level and safety of your car, too.

Personalised Upgrades

There are a couple of personalised discreet upgrades that will make your car look more desirable. For example, you can get personalised registration plates that will appeal to future buyers, as well as you, and make your car unique and stand out when you advertise it for sale.


If your car doesn’t have LED head and tail lights, or automatic day running lights, it might be time to invest in some safety and style. You will make your vehicle more visible and economic, and this unique feature can add hundreds of pounds to your resale value. Make sure that you choose a qualified mechanic to carry out the upgrade, so your electrical system will be able to cope with the new devices.

If you are looking to make the most out of the comfort, driver convenience features, and resell value of your car, you might consider installing one of the above updates that will not only serve you, but the next proud owner, as well. If you look after your car, it will look after you, too.