How Wide Turns Cause Truck Accidents

Trucks continue growing in size and capacity. Yet road structures and policies are failing to keep up. Some actions that are not particularly challenging to 4-wheelers can be a difficult task for an 18-wheeler. Wide turns prove problematic for many large vehicles, as they are more tricky to maneuver.

There is added burden on the driver to execute the turn with skill, patience, and responsibility. Companies should also take on some accountability and ensure that drivers have the necessary training and skillset to drive safely. A failure to take a wide turn correctly can lead the truck to crash into other vehicles, tip over or run off the road.

Accidents Caused by Driver Error

Many truck accidents caused by a wide turn are due to driver error. There is a set of measures that they must follow under these circumstances. These ensure not only the safety of the truck driver but other vehicles that are on the road as well. Some of the most common error include:

  • Not slowing down enough
  • Not signaling the turn
  • Turning too widely
  • Not considering blind spots

What is more, reckless driving, speeding, and distracted driving can also have a wide turn end in a car crash. Drivers should avoid all distractions provided by electronic gadgets or eating and drinking behind the wheel.

Other Causes for Accidents

Sometimes the responsibility of an accident occurring at a wide turn is outside the driver’s control. As stated before, the company should ensure that all drivers have acquired the skill set to execute such maneuvers. It is ideal if the employees go through a series of training upon hiring. What is more, it is highly recommended to have recurring training sessions, particularly when a driver switches vehicles, until they get accustomed to their new truck.

Driving for long hours in a constant state of alertness can lead to fatigue and exhaustion to set in, leaving the driver more prone to making errors. Even if the number of hours a truck driver can be behind the wheel is regimented to prevent exhaustion, drivers should take breaks whenever they feel like needing a rest.

Weather conditions also increase the risk of truck accidents in general. Conditions of poor visibility at sunrise and sunset, or heavy fog or rain, drivers should be extra careful. What is more, bad road conditions could put the driver in harm’s way as well.

Take Preventive Measures

Faulty items on the truck can also play a role in causing an accident. A broken mirror or light can provide enough of a hindrance to lead to disaster. That is why it is the responsibility of the driver to take preventive measures before hitting the road.

Furthermore, when the roads are unfamiliar, they should drive at a slower speed and keep their eyes on the road at all times. When a wide turn is up, truck drivers should wait for the right opportunity to present itself, so they can proceed without the hindrance of too much traffic. They should always signal their intentions for other drivers to know to stay clear.

The Aftermath of an Accident

If involved in an accident, all drivers should stay on the scene and follow through with proceedings. It is important to make sure that all those involved in the crash are safe and receive the necessary medical attention.

After that, they can contact the police and the insurance company. When the police arrive at the scene, drivers should give an honest and objective statement of events. If a trucker believes they were wrongfully charged, they should contact a truck crash lawyer and challenge the decision. Even if a truck is involved in an accident caused by a wide turn, it is not always their fault, as many smaller vehicles try to race around the corner.

Slow and Steady

Wide turns can be a challenging task for big-sized vehicles carrying a heavy load. Drivers should take all precautions to ensure that they will take the turn safely. If they are involved in a collision, truck drivers should contact a qualified lawyer to help protect their livelihood.