#NewFelix – For Content Marketers Who Love Content Automation

We didn’t get a lot of sunshine this summer here at Felix. We’ve been holed up, huddled over our laptops, smashing out a raft of new things – which, altogether, give us an all-singing (yup, we have audio), all-dancing (yep, video too), all-swiping (check out our Insta formats) new version of the product…

So, without further ado, here’s #NEWFELIX.

First the what…

Felix does content automation

Felix started out with the automation of content discovery experiences: giving content marketers and publishers new ways of enabling their audiences to find new content on their sites.

That bit’s all about how to make a site stickier, once you’ve acquired your audiences – and we always did it rather well.

But what about all the hard work you do to get people to your pages in the first instance?

We figured a dash of automation could help when it comes to content creation. So, #NewFelix now gives you video, audio and Instagram story superpowers too… alongside all of our good old content collections.

Felix also now takes all your new posts, pages and articles, does some magic, and then transforms all of the words and pictures into an array of new content formats – so that you download them and share them on Social Media, as well as embed them on your source pages.

We think that’ll help, a lot. For every new piece of creative content that you make, you now have x3 new ways to make it even more engaging …instantly, and at an insanely low price point.

Here’s yesterday’s use case…

Roger writes a blog post or a news story. He publishes it. He scrambles around for a nicer image to use for Facebook or LinkedIn. Then he goes to those platforms and shares, or goes into his social publishing tool to fiddle about some more, and then publishes it. Folks see it in their news stream, click, hit the source page and have a scan.

If Roger’s lucky that initial on-page engagement lasts for more than a few seconds, and folks read on. If he’s super-lucky, they click on another article. If he’s unlucky – or if his content is a bit… well, dull – they head straight back to their news feed again.

Here’s the Felix use case…

James creates his content and publishes it. He heads over to Felix and checks out the goods: a short, snackable video teaser that pulls together all the best bits of his post; a sub-one minute audio clip, newscaster style, that summarises his key post content; a neat swipeable, Instagram story format that does the same.

If James wants to noodle with the new format copy, he can do that. He can also swap out some images if he wants to. He hits refresh and hey presto, everything’s updated – it’s all automated and instant. He downloads a couple of the formats and plugs those into his Social Media channels – as better, more engaging accompanying pieces to promote his new content. He also grabs the embed snippet for each one of them and pastes them into his source page.

Now his Social acquisition efforts are a whole lot more interesting, and his new web page is a heck of a lot more engaging.

(Trust me, it works. Here’s a B2B case study with DVV Media – a x3 increase in audience engagement; here’s a B2C one with NME – a x2 increase in engagement.)

Go James!

All that shiny new stuff for his audiences to play with …in his social streams and on-page. (That whole thing took James a couple of minutes to do, btw.)

Oh, and all those great new formats also show up in his on-site Felix content collections – giving his audience an even nicer way of discovering related content, once they arrive.

Check out our new product page if you’d like to see more.

What about the why…?

Felix does super-engagement

It helps all you content marketers and publishers to create more interesting content combinations, so that you can max out your audience attention and retention… on your web sites, and now on Social Media.

Basically, Felix takes your standard web post/page/article content and turns it into something special. About a hundred times faster, and at a snip of the usual production costs.

Important to say, as before: no new workflow, and no coding required.

Our new price plans start at £50 per month for our ‘Social’ edition …and you can try it out for free.

And how about the how…?

That’s not my bag. I’ll leave it to James…

Also helpful… Here’s the first in a series of posts from James, explaining how to convert a blog post into a fab Social Media video.

Hope you like #NewFelix. It’s time for us to go and grab a beer…

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