Things To Consider When Hiring New Staff

Hiring new staff is necessary to a company as it grows and as they need help with an increasing workload or a new area of the business that no one has the skillset for. However, you want to be right about who you’re hiring, so here are some things to consider when hiring new staff.

Is There Any Current Staff Who Could Do It?

When you’re hiring some new, you need to have checked already in your staff rota, that you don’t have anyone already that could do the job. Perhaps they need more training or some of their current workload being given to someone else. However, if there is a staff member that is capable of doing that job and is interested, it’s good to encourage them to apply and to compare them to anyone you interview. It might be that someone you see if better equipped but if there’s an existing staff member who impresses you out of the candidates, it’s worth giving it to them. You can use it as a means to promote that member of staff.

Think Carefully About The Job Description

The job description is the next hurdle as a business. You want to be sure of exactly what you’re looking for and what the job itself can entail. Many companies can mistitle the name of the role, and if it includes something major in the job description, like answering customers, then it needs to consider a customer service aspect in the title. List everything you want in the job description and then condense it down. Get another member of staff to review it before getting it signed off to proceed and advertise it. The job description is going to reflect the salary, so put a lot of thought into it.

Ensure The Candidates Meet Existing Staff

Keeping the peace is important, and you can see how effective it can be on    . Therefore it’s crucial that every candidate is meeting their team members at the interview or briefly once the interview has finished. This is because not everyone gets on with each other. There is going to be people in life that you don’t get on with. So it’s important to know that they fit the dynamic of the office and that they’re going to get along with all those they’ll be working with.

Don’t Hold Too Many Rounds

Some jobs will require a lengthy interview process, but that’s not necessary for every job. Some companies can make the mistake of doing too many rounds that it actually becomes off-putting for candidates. Two to three rounds are standard, and for any role that’s more complex, four is certainly reasonable and warranted. Try not to exceed that though as that’s probably too many.

Take your time with hiring new staff and ensure you’re going through the process with care and caution. It can be beneficial to hiring great staff who are going to make a real difference to the company.

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