Author Marc Berlin borrows from media headlines to masterfully weave a disturbing tale of psychological suspense.

Plymouth, Mass., October 11, 2019 — Indie book publisher Black Rose Writing has published ODDBALL IN 3G, a novel that’s not only entertaining but also highly relevant, involving both the opioid and chronic anxiety epidemics plaguing America.

Written by Marc Berlin, the book deftly mixes suspense with consistent doses of wry humor.

Robert Krieger’s life is quickly falling apart. He’s lost his job, his girlfriend has dumped him, and his elderly mother is pestering him about fixing her leaky roof. As a result, Robert’s developed GAD, aka generalized anxiety disorder. Making things much worse, he’s soon being threatened by an inner-city drug ring who believes he has a bunch of their cash. Normally a shy loner, Robert must soon resort to the same tactics the drug ring employs—extreme violence.

“I wanted to show how a perfect storm of internal and external crises can make otherwise shy young men become tomorrow’s news headlines,” Berlin explains. says, “Right from the start, Berlin’s novel is a great read. Recommended to both crime and movie buffs, especially those who enjoy a character-driven story with a bang-up ending.”

ODDBALL IN 3G is available at, as well as the Barnes and Noble, Foyles and Target websites.

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