Sign In App taps into the RFID reader market

Software developer makes a dream a reality by unveiling one of the first RFID readers in the global sign in market

Northampton – October 2019

Sign In App has become one of the first in its space to add RFID reader capability to its portfolio.

Following months of dedicated research and development, the in-house developers have developed an RFID reader, named Sign In App Tap. The innovation offers close to 100% compatibility coverage with all the major technologies, and also works seamlessly with the iPad.

According to figures from IDTechEx (Source 1), which has analysed the RFID market for the last 19 years, the RFID market is expected to be worth $13.4 billion by 2022, up from $11 billion in 2018, so it is in a significant growth phase as more organisations adopt the technology.

Sign In App Tap is a reader that allows the customer to connect their door access and ID cards to their existing Sign In App solution for an even quicker check in.

Sign In App’s eponymous product was first launched in 2015, aimed at replacing outdated paper visitor books in company receptions with a slick, self-contained unit containing an iPad, that records the name and an image of each visitor. It is a solution that not only strengthens the physical security of a building by keeping track of all visitors in real time, but adheres to GDPR guidelines over sensitive data storage and usage.

The firm has already launched two major add-ons to its popular portfolio this year. One feature was Events – tailored for organisations that run either in-house or external events. The Other was its mobile-based Companion App – designed for employees that are always on the move or working on large sites.

Key functionalities of Sign In App Tap include:

• Employees can tap their door access cards or fobs for instant and secure sign in
• Compatible with existing RFID technologies, meaning it will work with nearly all modern door access technology
• Simple to upgrade existing Sign In App enclosures

Dan Harding, co-founder of Sign In App, said the announcement was big news for the sector.

“Anyone who has worked with iOS and iPad technology before will understand that this has not been an easy task, and we are delighted to be able to launch something which was, in all honesty a ‘pie in the sky’ dream just a few months ago. The development team has done an amazing job of turning this into reality in a very short space of time,” he said.

“We have had an embedded QR code reader in our solution that has enabled a quick sign in process for a few years now, but as more and more of our customers are using our technology for staff sign in purposes, we knew we needed to make this process even quicker and simpler for them now and in the future.

Harding added: “Seeing as so many of our existing customer base already has door access cards and fobs, it made sense to develop our solution so these could be incorporated. The hard work has definitely paid off.”

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About Sign In App
Sign In App is a young and dynamic software development company that is fast becoming the go-to technology of choice in the global visitor management space.

Launched in 2015, Sign In App has maintained an impressive organic growth rate since its inception, with turnover growing by over 160 per cent in 2018, and it is on track to at least double in size in 2019.
Based in a converted barn in the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside, all the technology is developed in-house, on site, by the firm’s homegrown technical team, and all support is also handled locally, in the UK.

Customer numbers speak for themselves; in January 2018 the firm had 200 clients on its books, but it now boasts over 2,900 clients spanning the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States (US) and Canada.
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