Top 5 Treasure Slots Games You Should Definitely Try This Winter Holiday

Everyone has had the dream of finding buried treasure and becoming richer than they could have ever imagined. No matter if r it’s gold, silver or plain cash, as long as it can get you to that private island, who cares?!

But this winter, your all your dreams can come true. Playing online slots can give you everything you’ve ever wanted. Win big prizes with lots of chances to win.

So, to make it Christmas every day, here is a list of the top 5 treasure slots games you should definitely try this winter holiday.

These video slots are fun to play, with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands all over the world have been there already and had a great time. In fact, some of these games have become their go-to slots.

So without further ado, here they are.

1. Temple Of Treasure Megaways 

Let’s start with a big one.

Temple of Treasure Megaways has more than 100,000 paylines. To be precise, there are actually 117,649 in total. To go along with it, this game has an RTP of 96.46% so there is a great chance of winning here. There are 6 reels, each with between 5 and 7 rows.

Temple of Treasure Megaways has an Aztec treasure theme, with the design focusing on intriguing symbols in a jungle environment to make the game even more entertaining.

Now, like penny slots, this game has a small minimum wager of $0.10 and a maximum of $10 so you can play here no matter your bankroll.

On top of this, there are free spins on offer when you sign up, as well as lots of other features to get involved with. These include an Unlimited Win Multiplier, Bonus Bets and more.

Temple of Treasure Megaways slot is one of the best around and you will have a lot of fun playing it this winter.

2. Treasure Mine 

This is another excellent treasure slot game.

As you dig deep down in Treasure Mine, you can be rewarded with some large prizes. But one of the best things about this game is how simple it all is.

Treasure Mine is a 5-reel video slot with 3 rows, giving players the chance to win across 40 paylines. The RTP of this particular game is 95.2% RTP so not too bad. However, since it’s produced by Red Tiger, you can be sure that there is more to this game than this above-average RTP.

Lucian Marinescu, partner at OnlineCasinoGems, enjoys playing this game:

“Treasure Mine has Wild features that come in a variety of versions, giving you an even greater chance of winning big. Plus, with the Treasure Run bonus feature, there’s an opportunity to leave the mine with a cart full of cash.”

This treasure slots game is also available to anyone. The minimum bet here is $0.20 while the maximum is $20 per bet.

Overall, it looks great and runs well, You will have an absolute blast playing this game.

3. Treasure Of Horus 

On the back of the previous treasure slots, this next game is another 5-reel game with 3 rows.

Treasure of Horus is set in the ancient Egyptian period, where Pharaohs had riches and wealth unlike anything else during their time. Now is your chance to get some of it for yourself.

This game has 20 paylines with an RTP of 95.93% – very close to the magic 96% mark so it’s certainly worth playing.

Like Treasure Mine, the minimum bet here is $0.20 but there is a reduced maximum bet of $40, so if you plan on betting bigger, you’re probably better off with another game.

Nevertheless, if you have a smaller bankroll, you’ll have loads of fun. The Wilds in this game have a 2x multiplier and there are also different tombs, each with their own symbol, to help you out.

During bonus rounds, your Wilds can reach a 5x multiplier so be ready to strike and win as much as you can.

4. Da Vinci’s Treasure 

Da Vinci is the most famous artist in history. His masterpieces were filled with color and precision – and this slot does exactly that.

Da Vinci’s Treasure is all about the legend – and his treasures. Again, it’s a 5-reel slot with 3 rows and has 25 paylines. The RTP of this treasure slots game is a rewarding 96.53% so this alone is a great reason to play.

The minimum bet here is $0.25 and the maximum is as high as $125 per bet, perfect for going home with a boatload of cash.

There are also Wild and Scatter bonuses to help increase your winnings and play across several bonus games, respectively.

Finally, Da Vinci’s Treasure has 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x gambling options to give high rollers more for their money, but they can also be accessed by regular players too.

5. West Journey Treasure Hunt 

This final treasure slots game you must play this Winter comes in the form of a West Journey Treasure Hunt. While it’s mainly focused on being something to play for fun, it comes with a generous 96% RTP.

The minimum bet is $0.80 on this game, so slightly more compared to all the others, but the maximum is a hefty $200 per bet. If you like to bet big to win big, this is certainly the treasure game for you this holiday season.

There are 40 paylines in total in West Journey Treasure Hunt. Hitting two or more of the top value symbols wins big, while landing a Wild can earn as much as 2,500 coins.

On top of this, the Stacked symbols give you more chances to win through free games, as well as a host of multipliers increasing the value of each symbol as you play.

This is an excellent game to play if you have never tried a slot before. The visuals are great and it offers the complete experience.