Tesmanian.com creates bespoke vehicle accessories for passionate Tesla-owners

Los Angeles, CA, USA; 7 December 2019 – Tesla delivered a record 97,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2019 and the company’s smallest and most affordable model, the Model 3 was recently named Car of the year in the Parkers New Car Awards 2020 – the first electric car ever to be awarded this accolade.

These and other factors make it clear that Tesla is a brand on the rise and those who own and drive the cars daily, have become its most enthusiastic brand advocates. George Szeto is one such Tesla-owner. A long-time supporter of the company, George even invested in the company before finally purchasing his first vehicle in December 2018.

“I really admire Elon Musk’s ‘never say die’ spirit and have always been supportive of Musk and Tesla’s mission,” says George, “From the launch of first Model S I was intrigued and decided to become a Tesla shareholder. Later, I became even more fascinated with SpaceX and finally, I was ready to buy my first vehicle and decided on the Model 3. It’s a fantastic car and one that I regularly recommend to all my friends and family.”

After taking delivery of his new Model 3, George took his brand passion to the next level when he decided to start manufacturing Tesla accessories for other Tesla-owners.

“I started having road trips with my family in my Tesla and found that I wanted a soft cooler that would fit the car perfectly and blend with its aesthetic, but there was no company on the market making anything like it. I saw a gap and decided create something custom.”

It started out as a fun project, but once George’s unique and stylish Tesla cooler was made, he decided that he wanted to share his creation with other passionate Tesla-owners.

Before long, George had set up tesmanian.com and branched out into other accessories including floor and trunk mats. George’s 22 years working in the auto parts industry meant he was well-positioned to develop the products and get them produced to high quality specification.


Tesmanian.com currently stocks accessories made to order for the Model 3 and Model X cars but will gradually develop more items based on demand and popularity of other Tesla vehicles.

As emissions regulations in cities become stricter and more people are choosing electric vehicles, Tesla looks set to continue its impressive growth and more enthusiastic Tesla-owners mean more exciting opportunities for Tesmanian.com to meet their vehicle accessory needs.

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