New appointment for attorney Sharon Nahari: Co-chairman of the Extradition and International Crimes

The Israeli Bar association has appointed attorney Sharon Nahari, as co-chairman of the Extradition and International Crimes Committee of the Bar. The new committee was founded as an initiative of Nahari, who proposed the idea to the Bar chairman, attorney Avi Himi.

Attorney Sharon Nahari specializes in extradition and international crimes. Nahari’s firm has branches in Europe, The Us, and even the far east. furthermore, the firm has established collaborations with law firms from all over the world. Attorney Sharon Nahari was appointed Israel’s representative of the Defence Extradition Lawyers’ Forum (DELF). The organization unites extradition experts from all over the world. In a conference held by the organization this year, The forum discussed the cancellation of Interpol arrest warrants, Red Notice alerts, the connection between politics and international extradition, and other issues.

Increased Importance of Extradition Law
The foundation of an Extradition and International Crimes Committee is clear evidence of the growing importance of extradition law in Israel. As Israel tightens its international economic and diplomatic relationships with many countries all over the world, it’s only natural that these relationships also led to collaborations in the field of extradition and criminal law.

Extradition laws in Israel are based on international treaties which the State is a part of. There are few examples of this: the Convention on Organized Crime (The Palermo Convention), the UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Substances (The Vienna Convention), cyber-crimes, money laundering computer crimes, taxation, international crime and of course Interpol and more. Also, Israel has signed individual agreements with specific collaborations for fighting crime and extradition with various countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Thailand, and others.

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