10 Top-rated Attractions to see in Japan

It does not come as a surprise that Japan is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The country’s unique blend of culture, as well as the numerous attractive sites, encourages people to keep making it their holiday destination.

The place has both traditional and modern practices that cannot be found anywhere else. You not only get to see temples with unique architecture but also the tallest buildings in the world.

The architectural and technological advancements Japan has achieved are impressive. The people are always on a path to lead a better life, and they do this by striking a balance between technology and tradition.

As a college student, you should consider studying because their institutions of higher learning are known across the globe. You get access to the best education and have the opportunity to learn about new cultures. You’ll also have access to assignment help online each time you’re short of time.

The beauty of Japan is that all historical sites are still in use. This means that you get a real-time experience of how life used to be back then. Japanese are simple people because all they seem is a comfortable and purposeful life.

1.     Hiroshima Peace Memorial

If you get the chance to visit Japan, you have got to see this peace memorial. This is a memorial built as a tribute to the lives lost on August 6, 1945. You probably know about the bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima back then.

Within the park is a Genbaku Dome, which was the only building that did not go down with the explosion. Even though it is a harsh reminder of the war, it gets to show that people can still rise from the ashes.

2.     Jigokudani Monkey Park

If you love animals, you’ll enjoy spending time at the Jigokudani monkey park. It is a famous hot spring area that also allows you to experience nature’s beauty.

3.     Kiyomizu-Dera

This is a Buddhist temple that is one of the oldest in eastern Kyoto. It can be traced back to the year 798, and it features an indoor waterfall. The Japanese believe that the waterfall keeps the temple in harmony with nature. How beautiful is that?

4.     Himeji Castle

If you want to experience the best of Japanese architecture, Himeji castle is the place to visit. It was fortified during the feudal period because enemies were likely to attack. Since it has been rebuilt several times throughout centuries, it exhibits different architectural designs.

5.     Great Buddha of Kamakura

You know that the Japanese are big on celebrating Buddhas. The great Buddha of Kamakura is a bronze structure that stands 13 meters tall. It dates back to 1252 when it used to be in a small wooden temple, which was since washed away by a tsunami. In now stands in the open air where everyone can see it.

6.     Todaiji Temple

This is the world’s largest wooden building. If you’re in Japan, you don’t want to pass up the chance to see it.

7.     Tokyo Tower

This was inspired by the Eiffel tower’s design, and it’s one of the tallest buildings in Japan.

8.     Tokyo Imperial Palace

This is home to the Emperor of Japan.

9.     Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

10. Golden pavilion

This is the most popular tourist attraction in Japan.


Now you have ten places to visit when you go to Japan.