The Average Holidaymaker’s Suitcase is Worth over £3,000

It’ll come as no surprise that us Brits are taking more and more of our prized possessions with us when we head abroad. If it was up to us, we’d take the entire contents of our house on holiday but unfortunately, baggage allowances don’t allow it.

According to a new study, the average holidaymaker’s suitcase jets off with a suitcase packed with belongings with a value of £3,000, including technology, gadgets and tanning products for week-long summer break.

The survey of 2,000 adults also found that the typical suitcase will leave a £141 dent in their bank balance, with gadgets costing a further £1,496. Fashion items such as sunglasses, shoes and hair straighteners added just over £413 to the bill, totaling a pretty expensive holiday – even without factoring in the cost of flights, hotels and transfers!

Holiday clothes are expected to cost the average British holidaymaker a shocking £767 for a one-week holiday, with swimwear costing £86.97 and underwear £203.84.

However, despite the high-value items that we’re pushing through the airport gates, it seems like not many holidaymakers are taking out insurance to protect their prized possessions. Considering the fact that one in 10 of those asked had experienced lost luggage, it’ll come as a shock to find that just one in three attaches an address label to their suitcase.

Around 20% of those who took part in the study admitted that they’d lost something during a holiday, with a shocking 10% explaining that they’d lost the most important travel document – their passport!

Managing Director at My NameTags, Lars B. Andersen, commented: “Many of us may not really consider the value of our luggage when holidaying – or how losing items might affect our getaways.

“So we thought it would be interesting to see just how much the average suitcase and its contents are worth – and to look at the steps people take to avoid losing their valuables.

“Interestingly 68 per cent think labelling belongings could prevent loss – given the financial and sentimental value of our luggage this is such a handy way to protect our items.”

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