64% of Millennial Parents Say that Being Financially Secure is Their Main Concern

It is asked of every generation, at least in recent years, just what do they want?  Although each is up against its own contests, some appear to be always the same.

In the case of millennials who are parents, a recent poll found that being financially secure is the top concern for them.  Money was the most top of mind with 64% of those asked.

Additionally, those surveyed born between 1982 and 2004, to the tune of 92% of the millennial parents polled, represented a consensus that this financial security problem was a major source of concern for their family as well as for themselves.

While these young families cited the financial security issue, there were further survey responses by the more these 1,000 United States (US) millennial parents that indicated that they were concerned with the right employment chances; being able to buy a house; as well as being able to afford adequate care for themselves and for the health of their families.  Fifty-six percent said they wished these were things they could change.

It was also seen in the survey results that 75%  of the respondents said they did not have adequate time and that balancing their lives and their work was of great importance.  Other problems, at least for six out of ten millennials, are that they always have to be somewhere and on time, and they would not only like to be not so busy so as to spend more time on themselves or their friends and family.

Having more time to entertain, take a class, and improve their homes themselves were specifically cited.  During extra time, these millennials use it to worry, particularly about their children’s health (90%); children’s education (89%); and staying healthy (88%).  Keeping their residence clean was a concern to three millennials out of four.

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