Travel Tips for a Memorable Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam is a beautiful country, attracting tourists from around the world to see its golden sand beaches, lush green mountains, and bustling cities. The Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi urban centers still hold their time-honored tradition, despite rapid modernization. You will witness many ancient colonial structures and landmarks that have survived the scrapes and bumps of history.

Buddhist shrines are situated behind the towering skyscrapers, where vibrant ceremonies and festivals dating several centuries ago can be experienced. Long, sandy beaches make an ideal getaway, because there are several luxurious hotels and guest houses situated on the seacoast. There are great dining venues and expansive hill terraces offering an opportunity for great hiking excursions.

Some top travel experiences in Vietnam

Take an overnight train ride

Book your Hanoi to Sapa train tickets from to avoid any last minute hassles. You will find plenty of resources on BookAway blog page describing the train ride and route. You will pass through rice fields and lush green forests on your journey to the Vietnamese and Chinese borders.

Cruise the waters

The Mekong Delta includes friendly locals, late afternoon storms, the floating market, and several other hidden gems. Water cruising is a must-do activity to have a joyous vacation.

Go hiking

Explore rice terraces and local tribes around Sapa. It is more enjoyable to stay with the tribal folks during your trekking excursion.

Go caving

The Phong Nha caves are spectacular and massive. A 747 plane can fit in it with ease. A visit to these caves will help to build wonderful memories of your Vietnam tour.

Motorcycle riding

A scooter or motorcycle tour is a great way to explore the countryside. Choose an itinerary that includes the Hai Van Pass or the mountain village Dalat.

Which places to see on the Vietnam tour?

Hanoi is the capital residing on Red River’s banks. Here you will find ancient pagodas, colonial buildings, and unique museums. Explore this French-colonial city on foot. The city is popular for its multi-cultural community, silks & handicrafts, delectable cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. If you are visiting Vietnam for the first time, visit and read about Hanoi in detail.

Da Nang

Da Nang lies in the north and is close to the popular Hoi An, My Son, Lang Co, and My Khe Beach. Water sports can be enjoyed in abundance here. The coastline of Da Nang stretches 30 km and is popular for its calm and cool waters.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam’s financial hub that lies on the south of Hanoi. It is a well-known tourist destination due to its classic French architecture, sleeky skyscrapers, fascinating culture, and ornate pagodas & temples. The city center is still known as Saigon.

Hoi An

It is a well preserved town with street layout, and the buildings reflect the influences of both, foreign and indigenous. It is a unique heritage site, which can be reached via road. The Cua Dai beach offers an exceptional experience to the travelers.

Phu Quoc Island

It is a serene holiday destination offering evergreen forests, romantic sunsets, and idyllic beaches. Travelers can enjoy the beachside activities as well as explore the extensive nature parks, and the pagodas. The accommodation and dining is quite affordable.

The locals are hospitable and warm, so make sure that you also show respect towards their culture and religious belief. Before you go read the Vietnam travel tips on bookaway blog, to build unforgettable memories of the tour!

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