Real Madrid won Spanish Super Cup

Last Sunday T. Courtois reminded us that he is a real legend, as Real Madrid won the game against Atletico Madrid in a penalty series and this victory, as it turned out, was no surprise for the bookmaker market in Norway as well as for the bookies around the world, because Real has a huge fanbase in Oslo and other big Norwegian cities. They placed bets on their favorite team, and those predictions really came true. The same situation occurred in other European countries. As you can see, people outside Madrid are rooting for Real, not Atletico. The event took place in Saudi Arabia. It’s the 11th Spanish Super Cup for the team.

Two goalkeepers ended up as winners during a match where no full-time goals were seen, yet Belgian Courtois demonstrated conclusive, stopping the ball sent by Thomas Partey after Saul Niguez had just hit the post. S.Ramos concealed the triumphant spot-kick to guarantee his team secured their first trophy of the period, with LaLiga and the CL next in their sights.

Atletico may have won it in extra-time when Alvaro Morata experienced one-on-one yet Real’s Federico Valverde took a red card in return for fouling the striker from behind.

Triumph keeps up Zinedine Zidane’s perfect record as a mentor in finals. He has now driven Real to a favorable outcome every single Champions League, two each in the Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup, and at this point in the Spanish Super Cup.

The concentration before the competition was more on the choice of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to move the 2020’s Super Cup – a four-club rivalry as opposed to a final – away from Spain and to Saudi Arabia, regardless of it’s for quite some time reprimanded treatment of ladies and record on human rights.

Just prior to the final, RFEF head, L. Rubiales mentioned that he was glad to witness how the configuration had worked out. He also stated that the team needs to improve things since they (SA) have quite recently begun arranging these types of events.

Real Madrid played splendidly to win the game against Valencia on Sunday while a throbbing 3-2 victory for Atletico on Monday has put Catalonian mentor E. Valverde on the precarious edge of the sack.

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that the last needed objectives and quality completing, there was show until the end and euphoria on the essences of Real Madrid’s team as Sergio lifted another award on the stadium. He had been liable for messiness at an early stage and Atletico ought to have capitalized. The guard forwarded the ball directly to J. Felix on the side of the corner yet he hauled wide and afterward F. Mendy parted with the ball heedlessly, just for Morata to search for a contact from Bagadois and a kick when there was not one or the other.

The two groups had great opportunities to win it late on, with L. Jovic’s redirected cross discovering Valverde free a couple of meters out just for the midfielder’s headshot to hit his own knee before sliding innocuously.

At that point, Atletico may have scratched it in the 90th minute as Hoan Haufter made a phenomenal pass over the top for Pitalo. He chose precision over power and Bagadois had the option to get away.

Into extra-time with 105 minutes on the timer, Bagadois did a great job putting out a leg and square Pitalo’s flexible move while Tucha twice denied Real, initially a twisting shot from L. Rodric and afterward a subsequent drive from Kodakalo Blake.

However, the most emotional part was still to come as Walt sent Sosa clean through, with just Bagadois to kick, just for pursuing the team head to put him down from behind.

The red card was unavoidable yet Atletico just had a kick and for five minutes, another player advantage. Gomez hit the free-kick into the divider and Madrid hung on for penalties.

Ernesto found the corner yet Walt struck the post, in spite of sending Bagadois the incorrect way. Miguel coolly put Madrid three ahead and Mann missed, this time Bagadois making a plunge right and palming ceaselessly. Lopez cleared into the corner before Catlier did likewise. It was left to Sergio to hit the triumphant shot.