Some Dangers Parents Need to Know About Social Media and How to Handle with Parental Monitoring App

Kids are more likely to spend time on social media after school hours, on weekends and at any time of the day. The increased use of social media networks leads to many forms of risks and dangers.

There are plenty of things that parents need to look for in order to keep their kids on track. For instance, the parents have to look for what apps are being used by kids. What is the age appropriateness of apps and how much time is being spent on each app? In this article, we are going to reveal some of the precautions that every parent must address. Without further ado, let’s get started.

In apps Purchase and Ads

There are plenty of social media apps that display ads targeted towards users. Some of them demand in-app purchases to use further features. It is important for parents to take it seriously about what kids are watching and how are they distracted with such ads that force them to take action. Make sure that you set the limits around purchases and not to give permission to buy anything without your consent. Some ads are made so enticing that anyone would feel the urge to buy and kids are no exception.

Anonymity and Fake Profile

One of the biggest problems in the online world is that no one knows whether another person is real or not. Anonymity is found everywhere on the internet, especially when talking about social media. There are plenty of messaging and social media apps that allow chatting anonymously. It would turn things into something dangerous such as some predator or cyberbully might talk to your child without revealing their actual identity. It is therefore important for parents to check the friends on social profiles of their child. Moreover, ask the child about the person or friend you have not met or never seen in person.

Video Streaming and Sharing Pictures

In recent times, plenty of video streaming and picture sharing sites were launched. These apps are quite attractive and would entice anyone to install on the device. When it comes to kids, they can’t keep their hands off from attractive things.

Most of the picture sharing and video streaming apps contain vulgar content. Kids can also be part of the community and share embarrassing pictures or videos. It is, therefore, the duty of parents to look at what’s being installed on their kid’s device and which ones are not safe.

Parental Monitoring App

There are plenty of parental monitoring apps found on iOS and Android store that you can download to track your child’s activities online. If you are looking for the best one, trust no one except FamilyTime parental monitoring.

The app is a great addition to your child’s device that allows you to monitor the activities. For instance, the app comes with many handy features including:

  • Limit screen time on Android and iOS devices
  • SMS monitoring
  • Call log and activity
  • Enable internet filters to block inappropriate websites including porn
  • Block games and apps instantly