7 Thoughtful Gifts for Hairdressers

Having a great hairdresser can really make a difference. They know what’s good for your hair, and they can do so much to hair that no ordinary person could do. 

And if you have an especially amazing relationship with your hairdresser, they just really get you. They know, better than anyone, how to do your hair – what makes your hair stay healthy and what kinds of styles look best on you.

Finding a hairdresser that really connects with you can be hard. And a lot of people settle for whatever salon sends coupons every month. But anyone who has a hairdresser that they always go back to knows that their hairdresser is almost like family.

A lot of people have gone to hairdressers that talk their mouth off. And if you’re not feeling that talkative, their friendliness can come off as more annoying than anything else.

But when you’re with a hairdresser that you trust, you end up doing a lot of the talking. And your hair session becomes something almost like therapy. 

So, when your hairdresser becomes as close as a friend and even sometimes as a family, when the holidays or birthdays come around, you have to get them a gift. (Well, you don’t have to, but it’d be nice if you did).

Hopefully, when you go gift shopping, you won’t freeze up and your mind won’t go blank. Hopefully, you won’t be thinking to yourself, “Do I even know them at all? Did I ever?” Because you do know them! And they know you. And you don’t have to get them something that they’ve been wanting for ages or have been dreaming about. 

Even considering your hairdresser shows you care. But of course, you should put at least some effort into figuring out something that’ll make them smile. 

One great way to figure out what to get them is to think about what they would find useful.

Are they tired a lot? Do they work long shifts? Is there something that will make their job a little bit better?

There are a lot of gifts that balance fun and practicality. And most of them aren’t that expensive, so you don’t have to break the bank either. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that your gift should feel personal, and for that, you can accompany your gift with a handwritten note. That’s the best way to say thank you.

But if this hasn’t guided you to any ideas, here are seven suggestions that a hairdresser would love.

  1. Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker 

Hairdressers are hard workers. Many of them book clients throughout the day – as early as 7 A.M. to as late as 9 P.M. And most of them work weekends too.

If your hairdresser is amazingly stylish and is fun to be around, chances are, they care a lot about each and every one of their clients. As such, they go out of their way to be there for them. 

Doing this day after day can get especially tiring. So, a cold brew iced coffee maker might just be the thing to get them. 

An at-home cold brew maker will help them save money, by not having to go out and buy one. A nice coffee maker like the Alright Coffee Maker will run you around $35.99. But you can also find cheaper ones around. 

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle

If you get your hairdresser a reusable water bottle, they’ll be able to bring it with them to work every day. It’ll help them stay hydrated and healthy.

The Kool8 is currently one of the best reusable water bottles on the market. Their designs are fully insulated, durable, and eco-friendly.

And with each purchase, the company donates a portion of the profits to regions in need. So not only will using the bottle help the environment, but your purchase will also.

  1. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set 

Part of being a hairdresser is constantly using your hands. If the hands go, so does being a hairdresser. 

As such, a great gift is this Burt’s Bees hand repair kit. It’ll help them keep their hands soft and healthy. 

With their hands in a pair of scissors all day, a hairdresser’s hands are susceptible to cramps. And if they work with hair dye and bleach, their hands could get dried out if they’re not always using gloves. So, if you get them this gift set, they will probably use it a lot. 

  1. A Bob Ross Bobblehead that talks!

Working in any industry can suck the life out of you after a while. So, if you think your hairdresser might start feeling dull or discouraged any time soon, you should get them this amazing Bob Ross Bubblehead. It even talks!

Bob Ross is known for having a soothing tone that makes stressful events feel like you’re laying down in a lazy river pool. 

It’s a great gift to get your hairdresser because they can bring it with them to work as a reminder that life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. 

  1. Angel Kiss Hair Straightening Comb 

If you want to get a hairdresser something hair-related, this straightening comb is just the thing! It is one of the best hair straighteners on the market.

The Angel Kiss Hair Straightening Comb has the newest technology and is a lot more gentle on hair than many other types of straighteners. As such, both your hairdresser and their other clients will love this straightener. It was even mentioned on Cool Things Chicago’s list, ’37 Gifts Guaranteed to Make Any Woman Happy.’

  1. Foot Massager 

After a long day on their feet, many hairdressers just want to go home and lay down. This foot massager roller will help them unwind every day and refresh for the next.

This massager has over 4,000 ratings and has an average above 4/5. And it can be purchased on Amazon for around $20. 

  1. An Indoor S’mores Maker

This one’s more of a fun gift, but who wouldn’t love a Smores maker! This makes a smores night so much easier to set up and clean up. Your hairdresser can use it for themselves and even bring it out whenever they have friends or family over.

This device uses an electric flameless heater, so you don’t have to worry about the dangers of an open fire either. It was designed with safety in mind.

So, if there’s a hairdresser that you’re looking to get a gift for any time soon, hopefully, this list gave you a couple of ideas. It’s got some of the coolest gifts and ones that a hairdresser could get a lot of use out of. 

There are many amazing gifts that you could get, it all depends on what you think your hairdresser will love but we hope you got some great ideas from the list above.

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