Newcastle-based RT Aesthetics introduces the EMSCULPT NEO, a non-invasive 2-in-1 body sculpting solution

Newcastle-based leading aesthetics brand, RT Aesthetics, introduces the EMSCULPT NEO a completely fresh approach to body shaping.

The EMSCULPT NEO is a revolutionary procedure aimed at eliminating fat cells and building muscle non-invasively by a specially designed and patented combination of simultaneous emission of radio frequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic waves in a single therapy.

The end result is more fat reduction and muscle growth than any single gold standard procedure, in less time and for less money.

RT Aesthetics recently launched small contour applicators which allows them to offer highly customisable treatments for up to 9 body areas. The new applicators are designed to fit on smaller body areas such as arms, legs, or inner thighs. RT Aesthetics can now offer their customers 4D thigh-contouring treatment as a result. The EMSCULPT NEO is now the first and only device treating fat and muscle on thighs from all 4 sides.

Immediately after treatment begins, fat cells under the skin are permanently damaged, causing them to be slowly removed from the body. The radiofrequency heating quickly raises the muscle temperature by several degrees. This prepares the muscles to deal with stress, like warm-ups do before any workout.

Bypassing brain limitations, the HIFEM+ energy then contracts muscle fibres in the area at intensities that are unachievable during voluntary workouts. The extreme stress forces muscles to adapt, resulting in an increase in the number and growth of muscle fibres and cells.

The results of 30+ peer-reviewed HIFEM publications as well as 7 unique clinical trials using MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Histology show that EMSCULPT NEO consistently eliminates fat from the body and builds muscle. The results show:

  • 30% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat*
  • 25% increase in muscle mass*
  • Average waist reduction of 5.9 cm*
  • 19% reduction in abdominal separation*
RT Aesthetics specialises in the very latest non-surgical treatments that provide long lasting superior results. All of their treatments are approved, CE certified, backed by scientific research, and are carried out by highly trained and qualified practitioners. RT Aesthetics employ a qualified nurse practitioner who is on hand to answer any medical questions that you may have.

For optimal results, RT Aesthetics recommends four 30-minute treatment sessions scheduled once a week. Best results will be seen several weeks after the procedure with continuing improvement over the next few months. Treatment pricing can be found on their website, but a face-to-face consultation appointment is recommended first.
To contact RT Aesthetics go to or call them on 0333 050 0575.