Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

Everybody loves long and curly eyelashes which flutter like a butterfly when you wink your eyes. Eyelash extensions are a boon for people with naturally thin lashes giving a bald look and those allergic to eye products like mascara.

Some women who have naturally thick lashes start noticing them falling out at certain stages of their lives and excessive hair fall due to hormonal issues. 

Artificial eyelashes, easy to apply at home, are a boon for such people worrying about their thinning lashes. The temporary extensions stay on the eyes from five days to a week if they get maintained with gentle care.

 Most DIY lash extensions are faux or synthetic fibres, are very affordable, and take no more than 15 to 20 minutes to apply. 


Using high-quality branded products like Lilac St. natural lash extensions never causes any allergies or premature falling out, or eye issues. The branded competitor products like Vavalash Ellipse, Sweed, and Eylure lash extensions are also popular DIY alternatives for salon-done luxe extensions. 

  • DIY eyelashes are easy to buy and are very affordable and widely available everywhere. 
  • Self-application is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes to apply. 
  • Clean the eyes, apply the glue, paste the strips wherever necessary, and layer them to add thickness. The process is foolproof and rarely goes wrong. 
  • DIY lashes are available in strips and strands to apply at the end of the eyes or in the middle. They are available in different colors and are mostly water-resistant. 
  • They don’t come off easily unless you deliberately press your face or rub them roughly in the shower. 


Like any artificial ingredient, DIY lash extensions also cause specific mild side effects if not applied properly. The issue arises mainly when the proper instructions to use and maintain them get neglected. 

  • The major problem is weight, as most cheap, synthetic fiber lashes make the natural lashes break due to the weight or another lash pressing on them. 
  • Some people experience eye irritation and watering and, in extreme cases, eyelid lips that automatically fade out in a day or two. 
  • The eyes burn if the glue gets into the eye directly. It is advisable to use help and lie down flat with a gel pad under the eye. A friend or a helper can apply the glue on the upper lids and stick the lash strip in no time. 
  • Many women mess up when they pull out the extensions, damaging their natural lashes brutally. The simplest way to remove them is to use an oil-based makeup remover. 
  • Improper application of eyelash extensions can create a weird look giving a ghastly appearance, especially when single strips are stuck at the end of the eyes. 

How to minimize cons and maximize pros? 

Have company: Read the instruction manual carefully and ensure all the steps are correctly followed. It is wise to apply the DIY lashes when another person is in the house, as you need not hurry to answer the doorbell or a phone call. 

Choose the suitable glue: Do it immediately after the shower because the eye area will be clean and not have any makeup, and the skin will be supple. If formaldehyde glues irritate your eyes, choose brands that use adhesives with butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate, which are slightly costly but safe.

Use magnifying makeup mirrors: Sit comfortably before a mirror and ensure the room is well lit and ensure you do not apply the lashes in the wrong places. Use magnifying mirrors to see your eyelids in closeup and ask someone to hold them atop your face if you want to see them even closer.

Be quick: Apply the strips within 30 seconds to a minute of applying the glue as it will dry out quickly. If you can’t manage with all the haste, choose magnetic lashes that will snap shut once you take them near the magnetic mascara or eyeliner.

Remember, nobody gets it right in their first attempt, and just like all makeup endeavors, you get better with practice. Applying DIY lashes will become all the more fun if you experiment with various brands, sizes, and styles and decide upon the best lash material and thickness and color suitable for you. 

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