Keep Your Eye On The Prize! Small Business Security Methods That Can Be Overlooked

Looking to improve your business is all about the small things. But the one thing we can greatly overlook, primarily because people talk about it so much, is keeping a business secure. We all know the importance of keeping our business secure but a lot of companies tend to pay lip service to the idea by having the things in place that everybody else does. The most crucial thing for any individual business is to look at its own inherent weaknesses and find the best methods to protect it, inside and out. With this in mind, what are the best approaches for any business to look after itself properly?

Adequate ID For Every Staff Member

Every member of staff should have their own ID and this can make things a lot simpler as far as security is concerned. If someone has their own ID on retractable lanyards it makes for easier access so security guards don’t stop people every time they have a slight suspicion. This, in conjunction with security gates, can make life easier all around. You can find more info about lanyards and ID cards online but if you are avoiding this approach, potentially anybody could infiltrate the business.

A Visitor Management Policy

Going one step further from ID cards, anybody who is unauthorized or unescorted can be perceived as a major threat. If you have security gates, visitors will have to go to a controlled entry point like a receptionist’s desk. By having a visitor management policy you can put in place the rules and regulations as to where the visitors should be escorted or only allow them to be in certain areas.

Key Control Policies

Because there is so much of a focus on data breaches and technological threats we can greatly underestimate the importance of having control over those sets of keys. You need to consider how many doors there are in your office that are accessed by mechanical keys. If you have filing rooms or server rooms you’ll need to have a control policy in place because if those keys go missing there won’t be any way of telling who has them. That is, unless you have the next component in place…

Security Cameras

As obvious as they are, many businesses can’t afford them. Security cameras are one of the best methods of deterrence. We have to remember that it’s not just about the external threats but it’s about the internal ones as well. There is potential for workers to defraud a business and in order to get the maximum value from your security cameras, you need to install them in key areas such as the front door, a first-floor window, and the back door.

Erasing Your Hard Drives

We dispose of paper waste securely but we may not think about doing the same to our computers. Before you throw out an old copy machine or computer the hard drive has to be erased. You may think that an old computer won’t be any use to anyone but you’ve got to take the proper steps to ensure that all information has been erased.

It’s not just about the overarching methods of protection, it’s about the little things as well. Making sure that your employees know what to do in terms of due diligence or reacting to a problem in-house is just as important.

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