‘Staying Put, and How to Do It’

Moving is a stressful enough process, but throw visas and immigration into the mix, and suddenly it’s a whole new level of tedium. You’re trying to carve out a new and better life for both yourself and your family while trying to navigate cumbersome red tape at the same time. All of this together can quickly overwhelm even the most resilient of immigrant hopefuls. Fortunately, we have a list of facts and figures for you to make the whole process a little clearer.

In the U.S., it’s called permanent residency (PR), and in the U.K. it’s called indefinite leave to remain (ILR). If you have PR or ILR status, you have the right to live and work without restriction in your country of residence. Today we’ll focus more on the U.K. side of things and how you can obtain ILR status.

What are the criteria that qualify you for this ILR status, anyway?

For starters, you must live in the U.K. continuously for five years and meet specific income requirements; the minimum amount for inexperienced workers is £20,800 per year and £30,000 for experienced workers. You also need to keep a record of any time you leave the country, and for how long each time. Unexplained absences could affect your chances of achieving ILR status, so due diligence is critical here. Lastly, you must demonstrate a good grasp of English and a thorough understanding of what life is like in the U.K. Any foreign national looking to be naturalized in the U.K. will need to take a ‘Way of Life’ test.

Luckily, your ILR status will never expire once you obtain it. Upon one year of being granted this status, you can apply to become a British citizen. There are things, however, that you can do to lose this status. Crimes or offenses that lead to your deportation qualify, but leaving the U.K. for more than two years can also jeopardize your status. However, people with statuses revoked for non-criminal reasons may be eligible to re-apply upon re-entering the U.K. In this scenario, it’s best to consult with an immigration officer who can help you choose the most sensible path forward.

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