Domestic Violence Can Be Physical Or Emotional Abuse

Are Verbal Abuse And Emotional Abuse Domestic Violence?

Your domestic violence lawyer can defend you if you are the victim or the accused. Also, learn whether emotional or verbal abuse is a form of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is the greatest killer of family relationships. When done physically, it leaves scars and marks as evidence of the abuse. However, it goes deeper than what the eyes can see when it is emotional or verbal.

There’s no boundary when it comes to domestic violence. It can happen to men and women, while the perpetrator can be anyone in the family. Unfortunately, many incidents are unreported, so cases must be higher than what the statistics on domestic violence reveal.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Contact a domestic violence lawyer when you are the victim or accused of abuse. When you are the former, you don’t have to suffer it silently; you must speak out. But, many cases go unreported because some fear their family members or relatives will judge them. Others may think their friends would turn against them for speaking out against a husband or wife. In contrast, being charged with domestic violence is not a joking matter. A domestic violence lawyer in Dallas can help you put up a strong defense and protect your rights during litigation.

Is there an end to domestic violence? In any law of the land, it is not acceptable to abuse another human being, how much more a spouse. But, it’s happening, and you must do your part to stop it. So, why must you hire a domestic violence lawyer in Dallas whether you’re the victim or the accused?

Have The Experience And Skills

If you plan to file a case against your spouse, choose a domestic violence lawyer in Dallas with the experience and skills in handling cases like yours. They know the court procedure for criminal charges, from arraignment to acquittal or a sentence. Your lawyer knows the procedure and can advise you on how to prepare when presenting your case before a judge.

If you are accused of domestic violence, your domestic violence lawyer can file motions to suppress evidence and reduce the bond. They can also minimize the consequences of your case by negotiating its charge classification. If in doubt, call a domestic violence lawyer and get an evaluation.

Know How To File A Demand For Discovery

Your domestic violence lawyer knows what evidence to gather to establish your perpetrator’s guilt. But, on the other hand, they can prove your innocence if you are the accused. Wherever you stand, an experienced legal counsel is a source of support and assistance. They can make a big difference in getting a fair decision on your case.

Filing a demand for discovery is your lawyer’s job to obtain pieces of evidence, including police and medical reports, video footage, or eyewitnesses. They have the training and knowledge to identify evidence that strengthens your case. Further, they can present the evidence in court to get the desired result.

Is Emotional Abuse Domestic Violence?

Emotional abuse, also known as verbal abuse, is a form of domestic violence. It is prevalent since you cannot see the evidence, and can be intentional or unintentional. For example, a spouse from an abusive family may carry this trait when married. Emotional abuse may also be employed to manipulate and control the other partner.

The Texas Attorney General reports that in 2015, 72% of the victims of domestic violence were women. It may be that it also involved emotional abuse. It includes humiliation, embarrassment, demeaning in public and private, undermining confidence and self-worth, labeling as crazy or not right in the head, and more.

Emotional abuse is less severe than physical abuse, with penalties of up to $2,000 and one-year imprisonment. However, it is still a crime and is punishable by law. It’s how the law treats it. Medically, it is more severe than a physical wound. It goes deeper into your being – your inner thoughts and emotions. It can damage you for life if you allow it.

Seek An Expert

You need one to achieve the justice you deserve if you are a victim. Take action today and hire a domestic violence lawyer in Dallas from The Medlin Law Firm. They have 84 years of combined experience handling criminal cases. Also, if you are the accused, they can defend you to get a lesser penalty if not an acquittal.

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