5 Lesser-Known Things To Ask Your Lawyer Before A Trial Starts

You should spend whatever it takes to hire a great lawyer for your trial. Just don’t assume they will never make a mistake in their life. Lawyers study tirelessly for years, but humans still mess up from time to time.

Sometimes it’s good to ask your lawyer if they’ve got certain things under control before the trial. It will keep them on their toes, but it can boost your confidence too. Here are a few topics you should bring up in the future.

  1. How Well They Know Judge

It’s good when your lawyer knows a little about the judge. If a criminal lawyer in Newmarket has dealt with a judge before, they’ll know how far they can push things. It’s good when they’re questioning people on the stand.

If your lawyer doesn’t know them personally, they might be able to ask good friends for advice. Don’t let your lawyer forget to study them. It can also come in handy if they’ve had experience with the prosecutor in the past.

  1. Ask About Witness Prep

Your lawyer will hopefully prepare anyone who is going to testify for you. It’s not because they won’t be able to answer questions they’re asked. Instead, it’s so they’ll know how to answer them the correct way.

You’ll know how well prepared you are before the trial, but you won’t see your lawyer prepping anyone else. It’s worth asking how things are going, even if it’s just to build up your confidence before walking into court.

  1. If You Have A Good Story

A prosecutor will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re guilty. If they don’t have great evidence, they’ll still talk about anything they do have. It will sound like it’s the greatest evidence in existence.

Your lawyer will have to explain why their story is wrong and give them a good story about why you’re innocent. It’s obviously a little more complicated, but ask how they’ll explain why you’re being accused.

  1. Using Any Good Technology

I’m sure you’re used to new technology coming onto the market all the time. It’s a bit slower in the legal industry, but new tech is released. Talk to your lawyer about any tech they might be using to help with the case.

You’ll appreciate learning about how technology is going to help you win in court. It might remind your lawyer to look into tech they don’t use. A large percentage of lawyers use less technology than you’d probably expect.

  1. Finding Some New Evidence

You will need to do everything to get as much evidence as possible. For example, if you were in a certain part of the city while a crime took place, you could do everything possible to find proof.

Lawyers will be able to look for extra evidence too. Sometimes they’ll hire a good investigator if they don’t have one at the firm. If you ask your lawyer about extra evidence, it might encourage them to look for more.

It’s Okay To Just Wait

It’s not essential to ask your lawyer about anything we’ve discussed today, but there is a chance it will make you feel better if you do.

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