Los Angeles, March 2020

Sorate is debuting its online retail that includes Matcha and Green Tea Subscriptions, Detox Plans, and accessories that allow you to prepare Matcha and infuse green tea at any moment, and in any place. Sorate is also unique in offering a variety of subscription packages, making the daily regime even more convenient.

The mission behind this brand is to educate on the health benefits of green tea and Matcha that have been discovered and studied through the years by the leading health doctors and scientists. Sorate’s passion is providing people with the best nutritional benefits from Western and Eastern medicinal practices, by bridging the plant-based medicine of Japanese Green Tea with today’s modern world.

Sorate believes that long-lasting health and wellness can be found in something as simple as a cup of tea.

The startup is founded by creative director Silvia Mella, filling a market gap of consumers who are seeking this convenience in their every day healthy drinking options.

Mella says, “The idea for starting Sorate came to mind after a period when I felt physically and emotionally depleted by the pressures of life. At a family-owned tea farm near Kyoto, I learned that regular tea breaks were the key to a peaceful mind as I went about my day. Stability = Serenity. When I returned to the States, I brought the good habit of Green Tea drinking back with me.”


In the Veneto region of Italy, Sorate is an informal way of saying “calm down” or “cool off”, while “Sora” in Japanese means “sky”. The logo is half a perfect circle in honor of Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the light of the Roman Pantheon. The other half refers to the Japanese zen circle, Enso.

Mella continues, “In Italy, we have a similar appreciation for the anchoring effect of our daily customs, like the energizing jolt of espresso at sunrise. It gives us a moment to see things clearly before we spring into action. Sorate is my love letter to Japan; which taught me mindfulness, and Italy; where I learned to appreciate the beauty in all things.”

All products are organic and sourced directly from Japanese family-owned farms.
The packaging and accessories are all sustainable and recyclable.

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