Why A Home Away From Home May Be Just What You Need

A home away from home – it seems like a punchy tagline, a marketing ploy to get you interested in something but it can also be much more than that, it could be the change you need to afford you a stress free holiday, to help you find the adventure you’ve been looking for or even to give you a little freedom of choice. It’s difficult to find any “me time” in the daily work-home-work routine we all find ourselves trapped in, and when you’re trying to find a little time away to indulge in yourself, you may find all the hurdles of booking time away from work, booking your time away and all the steps to get there just pile on more stress. The time away never seems long enough, and before you know it you’re back into the daily grind with the prospect of having some relaxation time to yourself possibly being quite some time away.

There are plenty of services that offer just that, however, a comfy homely feeling to just settle in to, but they never quite live up to that expectation. You still feel like you’re in somebody else’s home, in a hotel-esque environment where you can never feel quite at ease. This is where we bring back the punchy headline – your home away from home – and talk about the option you may never have thought to look at, the motorhome.

Maybe a bit big and bulky on the outside with a price tag to match, however the beauty comes when you step inside. Unlike some other choices, the inside can be whatever you’d like it to be, once you find a layout and style that fits your needs you’re able to decorate and style in a way that is all you. All the comforts of home wherever you go, all the things you’d usually miss whilst staying in a hotel or at a villa are with you the whole way – and whilst talking about getting away, you’re no longer tied down to hopping on a long flight every few months for an expensive getaway, with stunning locations across the UK and Europe that are all within reasonable driving distance, your new “me time” could be every weekend.

It is a big investment, however, as buying a new motorhome can be extremely expensive, and whilst there is a huge market for used options like those at White Arches, there is still quite the price tag attached to this. It’s also difficult to overlook that this kind of getaway may not be for everyone – after all there’s still some do-it-yourself aspects about staying in a motorhome such as the shopping for groceries, the daily cooking at the campsite, and all the self-reliance that comes with it. However, for those looking for something a bit different, it affords you all the freedoms of getting away and having some time to yourself, but giving you all the comforts of staying at home, and you may find it’s what you’ve needed all along.