Introducing Symtomax

Symtomax is based in Portugal and is currently developing the largest medical cannabis cultivation facility in Europe. The company is dedicated to the development, production, processing and distribution of high-quality cannabis oils for medical use, along with research into medical cannabis oil and its uses within the global healthcare industry. Award-winning growers are equipped with innovative new horticultural techniques that will allow them to create products that can help people around the globe live healthier lives.

Site Selection

The Symtomax site in Portugal was selected for several reasons. Acres of prime agricultural land benefit from favourable weather conditions for cannabis cultivation and highly fertile soils. In terms of human resources, Portugal offers a rich background of agriculture alongside a number of highly qualified individuals who are able to assist with leveraging pharmaceutical research and development. As Portugal is a member of the European Union, Symtomax has free and unrestricted access from this site to all member states where the sale of medical cannabis has been legalised, without being penalised by tariffs.

Medical Cannabis Compounds

The cannabis plant has been used medicinally throughout history, containing a variety of substances that can offer numerous health benefits. Cannabis contains over 480 active compounds. The two of these that are most used for medical purposes are cannabidiol and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol, usually referred to as CBD and THC respectively.

CBD is non-psychoactive, whereas THC stimulates dopamine production in the brain, resulting in a euphoric feeling of well-being. There are many other active compounds which can also be used in medicines, including THCV which can treat metabolic disorders; CBG which has antibacterial properties; and CBC which may have an anti-inflammatory effect, among others.

High Quality

The key focus of Symtomax is the cultivation and distribution of high-quality, medical-grade cannabis that can be made available to everyone who might need it. These cannabis products can be used as alternative treatments to ease and support people through the healing process.

Quality control is ensured by implementing the strictest of standards and the most innovative of technologies, ensuring a consistently high-quality product that complies with all regulatory guidelines and legislations.

The success of Symtomax is further strengthened by the close partnerships that have been developed with many of Europe’s leading growers, pharmaceutical companies and product manufacturers in the cannabis industry.

New Oral Tab

Symtomax has developed a unique and patented delivery system for cannabis in the form of an oral tab, which will remove the potential associated risks and side effects from consumption through smoking or vaping.

This novel delivery system is built on a thin, multi-layered film which adheres to the inner cheek wall. Cannabinoids are released from the tab through proprietary technology that allows for the controlled release of multiple doses at predetermined intervals of time.

This patented technology provides a solution to some of the challenges faced by more traditional preparations of cannabis in terms of dosage and delivery. Created in a joint venture with GCanrx, the oral tab has been scheduled for release early in 2020.

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