Sober Dance Party + App Launches Despite COVID19

Sober Dance Party + App Launches Despite COVID19

Secret Dance Addiction Launches with Virtual Dance Parties to Replace In-Person Events

Denver, CO: Secret Dance Addiction, a dance party and social community for the sober curious movement, announced today that they will be launching their live streaming events beginning April 10th, 2020. Once the ban on live events is lifted due to COVID19, SDA will incorporate in-person parties in Denver, Los Angeles, and New York, expanding to 20+ cities around the world. Until then, the mindful dance party will launch their social movement from the Secret Dance Addiction (SDA) app, allowing their virtual parties to be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

SDA is so much more than a fad driven by sobriety, current live streaming trends, and EDM drug overdose stories. Secret Dance Addiction reimagines dance parties, intentionally leaving out modern-day distractions like drugs or alcohol. Millennials and 21+ Generation Zs are drinking much less, but don’t want to miss out – they want to experience dance parties in the same way drinkers do. Secret Dance Addiction is leading a mindfulness movement and a desire to have social gatherings less focused on alcohol, by keeping the focus on health conscious, empowering experiences, both on and off the dance floor.

Keeping the spirit of the old-school rave alive, you won’t find SDA on Facebook or Instagram. Secret Dance Addiction created their own ad-free social media community that can be downloaded on Google Play or iTunes, or has a web-based version. SDA is bringing mindfulness to the dance party movement by sharing meditations, interviews with sober influencers, and blazing the mocktail trail with tasty recipes from inspired mixologists, all shared from within the SDA app. Live streamed DJ sets and curated content are shared daily, and members are encouraged to collaborate with like-minded, self-empowering party people through chat and themed groups.

Also a live event series, SDA hosts dance parties in secret locations that are lit up with dance music, brilliantly costumed performers, and show-stopping surprise acts. Mocktails and other delicious beverages are available in the place of alcohol.

“We want to take out the unhealthy parts of clubbing; becoming intoxicated, hangovers, drama, feeling out of control… and instead bring people together with a party positive experience,” explains Amber Handby, co-founder. “SDA is where nobody ever has to feel out of place because they are not drinking.”

The founders of SDA are husband and wife DJ duo DoubleCrush, Michael and Amber “Ambie” Handby. Entertainment industry influencers, the couple tours from gig to gig in their 35’ travel trailer and speak at mindfulness events.

Michael Handby has clear views on mainstream social media giants like Facebook. “We believe shared experiences, interests, and beliefs connect us far more deeply than data, followers, or “likes” ever could. We intend to build a social media platform upon which you can dance and enjoy yourself. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your data will be sold to some random company, or used to throw an election. When you log into SDA, you’re there to dance and celebrate a healthy lifestyle, that’s it.”

Currently free to join, SDA is looking to launch live events beginning in Denver in summer of 2020. Until then, the app is hosting party positive virtual events that feature DJs, live performers, and member collaboration. Members are able to connect through the SDA app, creating a strong community connection that is free from the ads and negativity often seen on mainstream social media.

About Secret Dance Addiction:

Secret Dance Addiction is the new era of dance party and social platform, designed to free your mind and fuel your soul. 100% free from bad vibes and hangovers, SDA hosts health conscious, multigenerational dance parties around the world. No intoxicants needed.

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